Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thigh High Boot Lolita Visits with Boot Nation

Hello Boot Nation! I’m visiting you from my closet in Deformographer Mansion in San Francisco. We live in the stylish Twin Peaks neighborhood. The Deformographer purchased this beautiful home a little more than a year ago. I love San Francisco. It has perfect boot weather all year round. The Deformographer has homes all over the United States and around the world for that matter, but San Francisco is my favorite. I’ll stop boring you with housing details. You want me to talk about boots!
You may have heard this already ,but The Deformographer is Not my first owner. Originally, I was owned by
Anne Hathaway when I starred in the Dark Night Rises and The Dark Night Rises Again. Anne was such a beautiful owner. Her feet are so soft and warm it was hard not to fall asleep when we were just sitting around. The Deformographer’s feet are just as warm and soft though. I was a gift to The Deformographer for her 25th birthday. It was a great party at Deformographer Mansion. Legendary actually, with lots and lots of sex. Selena and Justin were there. Justin is just as cute as ever and well Selena is Still the most beautiful woman in the world! Hayden Panneteirre was there along with Beyonce, J.Lo, Miley Cyrus and Brenda Song. The theme was thigh high boots! I ended up being the center of attention after Anne presented me to The Deformographer. Anne wore her classic Chanel boots from The Devil Wears Prada. Actually, we kindof hooked up later on after the party died down a bit, like around 5 am or so.
As you can imagine, as a patent leather thigh high boot, I’d pretty much get to have my way with any pair of boots I want. I almost always get my way anyway. My pure sexuality is impossible to resist. To be blunt about it… I’m a slut. In fact, I am to slut what Parker is to bitch and Chelsea is to power. So that should give you an idea. I like SEX. Guys, girls, it does not matter to me. It’s not like I’m dirty. I always practice safe sex and my patent leather gets spit shined at least once a week. I have been a lot more sexually active since The Deformographer has been my owner though. But don’t let Anne Hathaway’s sweetness fool you, The Princess Diaries likes to get it on.. and when she did, more often than not, I got pressed into action. Hey, when duty calls, you gotta stand up tall. I’m 36 inches in height with a 4 inch heel too, so I'm always ready to roll!
So anyway, they wanted me to answer some fan mail, so I selected some of the more popular questions. Here goes:
From Gunther in Norway: Can you describe the overall experience of being a thigh high boot?
Hi Gunther! I have actually been to Norway. It has great boot weather too! I’d say the overwhelming feeling is sex. I’m always turned on, especially when I see myself in the mirror.  I always want to have sex, even if I’m at some semi-formal event. I’m always looking for the cutest guys and hottest girls and of course the best boots out there!
Next, from Miguel in Bolivia: Do you like to dance and if so what is your favorite types of dances?
Miguel we got to hook up, Sweetie. I LOVE to dance. After sex, dancing is my favorite aerobic activity. In fact, I got to dance with Selena Gomez at the party. We danced for a whole hour together. I love Salsa and Mererenga of coarse, but I’d say my favorite is hip-hop.
Paul in San Francisco asks: what do you do while you are in the closet with all of the other boots?
Paul, I can tell you’re not the brightest blub on the tree are you? Just kidding. I’m in a small confined space with lots of other thigh and knee high boots that have been worn by The Most Powerful Woman of all time. It sounds like you are really asking if we have non-stop sex. The answer is YES!. I love suede boots for their softness, combat boots for their toughness, black knee high boots cuz they are so popular and unique boots they always come up with some kindof new kinky things I’ve never heard of. 
Okay. Last question from Hiyoshi in Tokyo. Do you look down on other types of shoes because you are the best?
Hi Yoshi! Lol To be honest, I do feel like I am the best. But I love all kinds of shoes, boots even some sandals. Everyone is different and special in their own unique way. Sometimes, I wish I could be a regular converse Chuck Taylor just for a day to see what it was like. Just kidding! Lol I will say this though in closing. I have had sex with ever kind of shoe on the planet. Honestly, if Hayden Pantierre puts a pair of Chucks on her tiny feet, I want to F*CK them. Lol
Alright, I’m out. It was nice meeting all of you. Keep your questions coming. Peace out. Lolita.
Below we have some pictures from the party!

(The views and opinions expressed by Lolita do not necessarily represent those of Boot Nation or its Management)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chelsea and Parker take over Boot Nation Studios!

Hey, thanks for joining us tonight on Boot Nation. I'm Chelsea and I"m here today to introduce you to my best friend, Parker. 
Hi,everyone, I'm Parker. I'm a  pair of knee-high zip ups boots from Nine-West.
Thanks so much for having me on the show, Chelsea. 
It's our pleasure having you on, Parker. Yesterday, Boot Nation fans got hear a little bit about me, but honestly you're the real reason everyone is here tonight. They've heard so much about you over the years. But until now, you've been a complete mystery. I mean you've always been somewhat aloof. Some would even say you're a snob. (Laughs). 
LoL, You're so right, Chelsea. I am a huge snob. I love being a total bitch. I've always gotten away with it too. 
Well, you have all the reason in the world to be a bitch Parker. I mean, you've given The Deformographer so much real power over the years being so bitchy. I mean, just look at you! Your'e tall, have gorgeous brown leather and your 3.5 inch heel is so sexy. Not to mention, your zipper!!
Oh my god, Chels. I love my zipper. I call it my back-door zipper cuz I like to take it in the rear if you know what I mean. Here, take a listen.... zzzziiiiiiippppp. LoL. Is that sexy or what!
You are a true FMB, Parker. 
Hey, careful now, Chels. This is a family show. We dont want the sensors over at Google getting a wad in their panties. (wild laughter).
Google... Lick my BOOTS! (both in unison. Laughing hysterically).
You crack me up, Chels!
Alright, well folks, you get a bit of an idea of what Parker's like. She's a bitch, as advertised. But let's hear from the bitch herself on what it's like to be a pair of knee high zip up boots, shall we.  Take it away, Parker. 
Thanks again, Chelsea. Well, we certainly have lived different lives and given The Deformographer different kinds of power. When The Deformographer was 18, honestly, it didn't matter what she wore. I mean she was so damn pretty it was insane.
She still IS, Parker!
Oh, absolutely. But now she's a bit older and definitely more mature. When she was 18, she wasn't ready for a pair of boots like me. Now, I look perfect on her. Plus, she can stilll wear you whenever she wants and its a seemless transition from stuck up bitch to punk rock bitch.. with steel toes on too!
For sure, Parker. I still love breaking things. LoL.
....The only thing I've ever broken, were the hearts of little boys, Chels. LoL.
Little boys, or 50 year old men, with little you know whats....LOL.
HAHAHA. (Chelsea falls over laughing).
We digress. Anyways. So yeahs, as I was saying. Now The Deformographer uses me and all of her other knee high boots from Nine West, Aldo, Charles David, Steve Madden and Victoria's Secret when she attends business meetings, fundraisers, court appearances, press conferences, you name it. When The Deformographer wants to show her power, she uses knee high Zip up high heel boots.
...She has other pairs of knee high dress boots that are not zip ups though. She has a very nice collection of convertibles and other types of pull-ons. 
Oh, for sure. All of them are sexy too and give her tons of power. Tons! The zipper is an amazing thing though. 
Yeah, I was telling everyone last night, that zippers weren't invented on combat boots when I was born. 
Oh, don't get me wrong though, Chels. I love you sooo much because you don't have a zipper. Your laces make you unique and the Boots you are! Indeed, you are Effort to put on... and take off for that matter. lol 
She never want to take me off, Parker. We've been together for so long, I'm part of her feet now!
No kidding. Chels, I love it when just you and I are sitting in the closet together. You smell so good.  The Deformographer's foot scent combined with your kidskin leather make you an intoxicating pair of boots!
I still don't even know what kidskin is, Parker. But thank you so much for the compliments. I've always admired your beauty so much. We are so different, yet we are both pairs of knee high boots!
Amen for that, Chels.
Okay, folks. That's all the time we have for today. I hope you feel like you've gotten to know me a little bit better. And we are so glad you got to meet Parker. Tomorrow. you'll get to meet Lolita. She's the real sexpot of the bunch.  She's a pair of patent leather Thigh-High boots. She was once worn by Anne Hathaway in the old Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises! So, don't miss her!
Parker thanks for taking the time to be here tonight. I know you're getting spit shined tomorrow. So have fun with that. 
My pleasure, Chelsea. Can we have sex now?
Of coarse! Can I play with your zipper?
Only if you let me tie you up with your laces...
Hellz Yeahh!!
Both pairs of boots jump all over each other and well, we had better leave them alone,
For everyone at the Boot Nation Studios. This IS BootBoy.

(The views and opinions expressed by Lolita do not necessarily represent those of Boot Nation or its Management)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Deformographer: Leader of Boot Nation (Introduction)

The Deformographer: Leader of Boot Nation  
Once upon a time there lived a pretty blond girl from Arizona. She was just an average girl until one day when the met a guy by the name of BootBoy. He was a guy who liked to kiss girls boots and well, he saw this pretty blond haired girl and they became friends. The girls name is The Deformographer, after the Marylyn Manson song. The Deformographer had a lot of angst, but had an incredible sweetness about her at the same time. The Deformographer has become the most powerful woman on earth by using her incredibly beauty, natural dominance and pure cunning. She changed our world and is the reason we live in the world we live in today.
On the day The Deformographer met BootBoy, she was wearing a pair of knee high lace up black Dr. Martin combat boots with a steel toe. The Deformographer was an accomplished fist fighter. Her love of fighting combined with skill, quickness, intelligence and lack of fear made as good of a fighter as any guy. Indeed she had beaten up a lot of guys and usually made them lick her steel toe docs for mercy. She said when she was young she had seen that happen in the movie, Fast and Furious and decided that if a guy was a pussy enough to get beat up by a girl that he deserved to suffer that kind of humiliation. After all, The Deformographer was no butch looking girl. She was 5’5” tall and weighed 110 lbs… soaking wet and had medium length dirty blond hair.
When BootBoy approached her and asked ever so politely if he could kiss her boots, she thought she was being punked by one of her friends. She immediately challenged BootBoy and he was terrified. He just wanted to lick the dirt off the pretty girl’s combat boots. She was really pretty and there was dirt on her pretty boots and he felt deeply in his heart that this was wrong and knew it was his duty as a submissive male to at least offer to lick them clean. It was his job. He was BootBoy. The Deformographer quickly realized she had frightened the poor little man and allowed him the honor of kneeling in front of  her and licking her boots.
“What did you say?”, she screamed.
“I’m sorry”, pleaded BootBoy. “I didn’t mean to make you angry. I just see there’s dirt on your pretty boots and I wanted to lick it off for you. I wanted to lick your boots because are you so pretty. My name is BootBoy.  
Those words were the beginning of their friendship. It’s okay, said The Deformographer. “You don’t have to be scared. I won’t hurt you. I thought one of my friends put you up it to as a joke. You’re really sweet. You may lick my boots for me.” With that, The Deformographer extended her right leg, put out her foot and raised her heel up just slightly, you know in that feminine way.
The Deformgrapher was no stranger to having her boots licked. She usually made guys lick them after fights, her foes knew licking her boots was a good way to keep her from being mad at them and even her friends licked her boots because they admired her beauty so much. But this was different. Here was this guy who was her height, even shorter than her with her boots on and he was so struck by her power that was willing to get beat up by asking to lick her boots. She felt complimented and it made her feel really pretty.
BootBoy was the leader of Boot Nation. Boot Nation only had one member though… BootBoy. But he believed in his heart that pretty girls should be worshipped because they are perfect. The Deformographer  became the leader of the Boot Nation we know today. The combat boots that The Deformographer was wearing  that day, were named Chelsea. The Deformgraphers story begins with Chelsea, but is also told by Parker and Lolita (knee-high and thigh-high boots, in case you hadn’t already guessed.)

Hi my name is Chelsea; I’m a pair of knee high combat boots and I’m made of kidskin leather. If you don’t know what kidskin is, that’s okay. I don’t either. I just know that I’m really soft. Unfortunately, I don’t have a zipper. Having a zipper would be fun, but back in the day, combat boots weren’t made with zippers. I do have these cool hooks though, called well.. hooks! 20 of them to be exact. I’m made by Dr. Martin’s. I’m like a lot of Dr. Martin combat books. But I do have one thing that is very special about me. I have steel toes. Oh my god, I cannot tell you how much fun it is having steel toes. Just being a combat boot is pretty cool, but having steel toes takes being a combat boot to a whole ‘nother level! Talk about Power. I have it! I have shattered so many guys kneecaps and then stepped on their necks it’s amazing. The very best thing about my life though is being owned by The Deformographer. Well, you know her as The Deformographer. I know her as Kelly. I’ve been making passionate love to Kelly’s feet for almost eight years now! I remember the day she bought me like it was yesterday. I was only about two-months old. I was born in England and then shipped to this deserted place called Arizona. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I was sad cuz all my friends were being shipped to the cool places like London, Tokyo, Sidney, New York and of course, San Francisco. But, whatever, I said, I’ll keep an open mind. You never know what can happen in life. You can only play the cards you’re dealt. I had heard there was a lot of pretty girls in Arizona. They had a good music scene, both rock n' roll and punk rock, so I wasn’t too worried.
I have to tell you though, my little boot heart skipped a beat when she opened up the box and I saw her pretty blond hair. She looked so happy too. She had a huge smile on her face. Apparently, she had never had any pair of knee high boots before and she was as excited as I was. I could tell she had good style. She had on these super worn Chuck Taylors with Rosie the Riverter on them, whoever that is. She was wearing one of those studded belts and was wearing a boy-beater T-shirt. She also had a Bionic Woman lunch pail. I immediately feel in love. I could smell her sweet foot scent from her Chucks and they gave a wink and a nod as if to say, “You’re gonna love this” as she was about to try me on. She was so cute she struggled a little bit with my tongue-flap because she had never worn combat boots before. That was my fault though. I wasn’t paying attention. I was totally distracted by how pretty she was and honestly, completely overwhelmed by the scent of her feet. She laced me up in a synch though as if she'd been wearing me her whole life. Actually, I was kindof taken off guard. I knew right then she was a fist fighter. I also knew I was perfect for fighting because of my steel toes. Most of my friends weren’t steel toed and they were sooo jealous! She put me on and we walked up and down the store. She jumped up and down like a little girl and said “I LOVE them!! How much do they cost?” This was in January and I had I missed the Christmas rush, so I was on sale for cheap! The salesperson said “They are 50% off and there’s no sales tax. So your total would be $99.” Kelly stomped her right foot down, Hard and said. “I’ll take em!” I have to admit, at that point I had an orgasm all over her little size 6 foot. There was juice everywhere! I didn’t care either. I was in heaven. I was going to make love to Kelly’s feet every single day, all-day long.. for Years! That wasn’t my first orgasm on her foot though. I had one the instant she finished lacing me up. She unlaced me, held me firmly with both hands and said “I love you!” And then she gave me a fat, wet kiss! She put me back in my box and Rosie said to me, Welcome to the club, sweettie.
Well, that’s all I have to say for now. We have eight years of history together now and what a ride it’s been. I am the envy of every other combat boot in history. Tomorrow, I”ll introduce you to my best friend Parker. Parker is knee high zip up 3.5” chunk heel brown boot from Nine West. Dude, she’s a hottie, let me tell you. Okay, bye for now. Kisses.

©BootBoy, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month - Icon: Lady Gaga

Celebrity Boot Month - Icon: Lady Gaga
Celebrity Boot Month concludes with a salute to cultural icon, Lady Gaga. No discussion about knee high boots could be compete without including Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga is a true artist. She views not only her music as artistically relevant, but her fashion as well. No doubt
Lady Gaga is a role model and we are honored that she considers wearing knee high boots such an important element to a woman's expression of power. 
Lady Gaga is no trend. She is the real deal and her music and cultural status will stand the test of time. Lady Gaga is a native New Yorker and started her musical career while in high school. Even at the time she wrote her own material. She is a trained classical pianist and had to adapt her piano playing to rock n' roll. Lady Gaga still writes her own songs, but her greatest talent is her singing. At the conclusion of her 2011 HBO Special, she sings
"I Was Born This Way in acapela. The performance is moving because of her singing ability and the song's meaning. Adding to the song's beauty is that Lady Gaga wrote the lyrics. Lady Gaga cares about her fans. We are fans of her music and her boots and we are very important to her. 
Below we have a healthy selection of pictures of
Lady Gaga wearing thigh high and knee high boots. One pair is particularly special to her. Her custom-made knee high lace up D-ring boots she wore during several performances while on her European tour, including France and Antwerp, Belgium.