Monday, May 14, 2012

Star Sapphire Makes Superman KISS HER BOOTS!


Superman Kisses Star Sapphire's Boots!
This issue was released in February 1973. Superman's nemesis is named Star Sapphire. She looks incredibly powerful levitating above Superman with her foot inches from his face, pointing down at him. Her orders are irresistible. Notice Superman's whole body is below the top of her boots. Lois Lane is in the background wearing green knee high boots. Surely, Star Sapphire empowered Lois to make Superman perform the same ritual for her boots as well. 
I think this is an important event in the development of female domination and boot fetishism. In the early 70's go-go boots were Everywhere. To have the idea of a female villain forcing Superman to kiss her boots really brought female domination into the mainstream. The Women's Liberation movement must have loved the symbolism. At the time this was unheard of and not very likely to happen. Today, there are so many female blackbelts who can easily beat up men in real fist fights, they are one foot-propping away from Star Sapphires comic book power. I'm not a superhero but I have been in Superman's position above and it's heaven!
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