Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ATTENTION: West Coast Boot Correspondants Needed

The Knee-High Booted Ones on the East Coast will soon be putting their boots away in the closet until September. San Francisco and Seattle are year-round boot towns though, so if you live on the West Coast your boot-sense is needed!

Wednesday, April 26
Lunch is Booted-Hour
I did some errands at lunch today and sure enough as I was walking to the train, I saw a woman approaching wearing knee high zip up 2" heel stack heel boots. After completing my errand, I was waiting for my train and was captivated by a college girl wearing canvas like knee high flat-heel boots. She did many cute things with her feet. As her train approached, I said goodbye to the goddess of afar and she was gone. Moments later though, my train arrived and when the doors of the full train opened, a brunette 30-ish woman stepped off to allow other passengers to exit and then she stepped back in. I followed close behind and stood across from her, smiled and said "I like your boots" She returned a wide smile and said in a surprised tone... Thank you! She departed a few stops later and I could see her beautifully rich brown boots had a 3" rounded heel.
My friend in Concord, CA texted me today and reported she wore the same boots yet again today. We chatted about her boots and I was very happy. She said she didn't see all the fuss about fastening the zipper when she put them on this morning, but we need know what all the fuss is about and its heaven. Thanks for sharing.
-Boot Nation