Monday, August 27, 2012

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Female Athletes & Boots Month MMA Week Ring Girl Rachelle Leah

Female Athletes & Boots Month  MMA Week Rachelle Leah
Rachelle Leah is a UFC Octagon Ring Girl. Rachelle doesn't actually do any of the fighting, she just roams around the ring in between rounds and dominates Both fighters! Rachelle was born in San Carlos, California.  She  is 28 years old and is 5'7" tall. 
Rachelle is one of the most popular Octagon Girls and has posed for Playboy Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Ask Men and Maxim Magazine. Leah leads and exciting life. She enjoys shooting Big guns and she even posed with a Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger is considered the most powerful animal on Earth, but on this day the tiger bowed down to Rachelle because she frequently wears black thigh high boots!

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