Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month (Blonds) - Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity Boot Month (Blonds) - Jennifer Aniston
No woman in Hollywood symbolizes class like
Jennifer Aniston. She developed  a classy style during the Friends series and she continued to perfect it even in her personal life. It appears that Jen discovered knee-high boots during the series and after she discovered them, they became a staple of her wardrobe. We could not be happier! Jens long straight blond hair contrasts so well against her usual black boots. 
Below we have some pics from Friends as well as a pair of the actual boots she wore on the show. 
We also have pics of Jen wearing knee high boots on a movie set, at red-carpet events and while going to other functions. We have black leather and suede knee-high boots, brown suede boots, some wedge boots and a pair of motorcycle boots. We also have several closeups of her boots. 
Jennifer Aniston is 40-years old and is still the blond goddess we've always worshipped!

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