Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month (Chinese) Melissa Lee

Celebrity Boot Month Asian Week: Melissa Lee. 
Melissa Lee's grandparents immigrated to Buffalo,
New York from China. Melissa graduated with honors from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and she pursued her dream of becoming a news anchor. Melissa has worked at CNBC since 2004 and hosted several documentaries.
Melissa got her big break in 2009 when CNBC did a documentary on the porn industry called, Porn:Business of Pleasure. Melissa is pretty, but it's her arrogant look that makes her Hot. Melissa's mouth has a look that says "I'm smarter then you, and you know it." It was a brilliant move to give this assignment to Melissa.. a hot, smart, Chinese, conservative and mean looking woman. 
The real brilliance though and the thing that changed Melissa'a career completely was her decision to wear knee-high boots throughout the show. Melissa would have made an excellent dominatrix and it's unfortunate that she was not holding a riding crop in the opening shots. Nonetheless, the producers did an outstanding job of showing Melissa's knee high boots while she wore several different outfits, including a bright red coat. Melissa fully engaged herself in the assignment by wearing two different pairs of boots. Early in the show, we see Melissa wearing a pair of powerful black knee high boots and in later interviews she breaks out a pair of chocolate brown pointed toe knee high boots.
Few anchors have ever been given the opportunity to cover the sex industry and Melissa showed her Harvard smarts by taking full advantage of the situation. Today Melissa hosts several CNBC shows and uses her boots on us often to make sure we watch and give her the ratings she needs to be be a top anchor. Smart, short, Chinese and knee-high booted!

Extended Interview with Melissa Lee