Friday, July 20, 2012

Boot Nation Celebrates Three-Months AND 3000 Pageviews!

Today, Boot Nation is 3-months old and on our 3-month anniversary we received our 3000th pageview! Boot Nations popularity continues to grow daily. In the last 30-days, we have received over 1700 pageviews, averaging over 50 pageviews per day. However, today we received over 100 pageviews for the third consecutive day. We have 90 postings now, so there is plenty of content from which to chose. We are midway through the summer boot-drought. Around mid-September we should start to see the knee-high boots come out of the safety of their closets and start pounding the pavement. Boot Nation will of coarse report on these important daily events. We invite you to participate. Your input will enrich us all. We want to hear your stories and hope to hear Your reports of knee-high boots sightings throughout the coming autumn and winter.
Until then, August will be Female Athletes &  Boots Month featuring the hottest women in motor sports, tennis, MMA and ice skating. And then to prepare for the upcoming Boot Season, September will be Boot Fashion Month. Ladies, we encourage your input on your fall fashion ideas as well.
Without further delay, here are Boot Nation's highlights from the first three months:

US 51%
Russia 10%
United Kingdom 9%
Germany 5%
France 3%
Canada 2%
Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Japan and India 1% each
Newest members: South Africa, South Korea and Brazil
Over 40 countries including Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, Tunisia, Uganda, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt, United Arab, Emeries, Qatar, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Bangladesh, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Swaziland, Belarus, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Bulgaria.
Visits from every continent.
Boot Nation is not a comprehensive database for knee high boot pictures. We are more like a story about knee high boots. For many more pictures of knee high boots, check out the following sites:

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