Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month - Icon: Lady Gaga

Celebrity Boot Month - Icon: Lady Gaga
Celebrity Boot Month concludes with a salute to cultural icon, Lady Gaga. No discussion about knee high boots could be compete without including Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga is a true artist. She views not only her music as artistically relevant, but her fashion as well. No doubt
Lady Gaga is a role model and we are honored that she considers wearing knee high boots such an important element to a woman's expression of power. 
Lady Gaga is no trend. She is the real deal and her music and cultural status will stand the test of time. Lady Gaga is a native New Yorker and started her musical career while in high school. Even at the time she wrote her own material. She is a trained classical pianist and had to adapt her piano playing to rock n' roll. Lady Gaga still writes her own songs, but her greatest talent is her singing. At the conclusion of her 2011 HBO Special, she sings
"I Was Born This Way in acapela. The performance is moving because of her singing ability and the song's meaning. Adding to the song's beauty is that Lady Gaga wrote the lyrics. Lady Gaga cares about her fans. We are fans of her music and her boots and we are very important to her. 
Below we have a healthy selection of pictures of
Lady Gaga wearing thigh high and knee high boots. One pair is particularly special to her. Her custom-made knee high lace up D-ring boots she wore during several performances while on her European tour, including France and Antwerp, Belgium.