Sunday, November 4, 2012

Female Super Hero Month - Lady Zorro

Female Super Hero Month - Lady Zorro
The Legend of Zorro was born in 1919 and has been reinvented many times over the decades. But the most important interpretation of this story is Lady Zorro.
Lady Zorro represents everything we love at Boot Nation.. she's strong, sexy, defeats men with her sword and wears Knee-High Boots!
In 1944, Republic Pictures released a movie starring  Linda Stirling called, Zorro's Black Whip. Stirling used a bullwhip and a handgun as her weapons of choice. Female domination was born in World War II and this movie was revolutionary for women. 
In the late 1990's, Catherine Zeta-Jones starred in the Legend of Zorro. Lady Zorro was quite handy with a sword. Zeta-Jones is amazingly beautiful and to see her fight with a sword is very exciting. 
However, the next year, in 1999, the television show, Queen of Swords aired starring Tessie Santiago. Santiago is of Cuban decent and it was her first professional acting job. She will live on forever as a sexy female, fighting for justice and wearing black knee-high boots.  
In 2011, a comic book was released called, Lady Zorro Rides Again. Comic books are awesome and they inspire women who are looking for sexy Halloween costumes to dress as Lady Zorro. Lady Zorro is also very popular in cosplay. Boot Nation celebrates this powerful woman!