Thursday, November 8, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: GF's "Roommate" Buys Vince Camuto riding boots!

BREAKING NEWS: GF's "Roommate" Buys Vince Camuto riding boots and LandLady Gets Knee-High Boots!
As BootBoy previously reported on Twitter, GF's roommate (Roommate) bought some brand new knee-high Vince Camuto riding boots. "Roommate" said she spent $150 on her new riding boots. It is her first pair of knee high boots! 
Roommate is a pretty and very thin feminine looking
21-year old female from China. She works in the fashion industry and with BootBoys encouragement decided to get some knee-high boots after "Sister" bought a pair of high-heel black suede boots last month. "Roommate" has now worn her Vince Camuto boots five times! BootBoy reports that the bottoms of her boots are getting dirty AND that he got to kiss her right boot! "Roommate" wears a size 8 shoe.
Below we have a pictures of the Vince Camuto Kent Frye Chelsea 2up as well as a photo of "Roommates" actual boots posing with GF's black shoes and Baker boots. We will keep Boot Nation  updated regarding "Roommates" boots as more details emerge. Stay tuned to this post for updates. 

February 18th
"Roommate wore her boots tonight to pick up some friends from the airport. "Roommate" pulled on  her boots at about 6:30pm. She wore them over her skinny jeans and she didn't take off her boots until 11:30pm...5 whole hours of knee-high boot wearing. 
"Roommate" looked very authoratative while wearing her boots. Everyone seemed to notice her and was very respectful of her power. It was fun hanging out with her and experiencing her knee-high booted power!

March 23
Tonight, GF and I picked up "Roommate" from work. "Roommate" works at the mall so she has to look stylish for work. When we picked up "Roommate" she strode confidently towards us with her knee high riding boots on and she oh-so-powerful in them! 
Later, we hang out with her in her room and she took off her boots. The sweet aroma of her boots filled the air. We were all very happy!

In other knee-high boot news, Landlady broke out her knee-high boots last week for Hurricane Sandy. Below we have some pictures of "LandLady's" boots. LandLady is a pretty Chinese woman in her late 30's to early 40's. She is very dominant and rules her household with her tall black boots! BootBoy is personally terrified of this powerful Chinese woman  and hopes she will kick him with her boots ON!