Sunday, October 14, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: BootBoy's Girl Friend Gets New BOOTS! (Updated)

BREAKING NEWS: BootBoy's "Girl Friend" Gets New Knee-High Boots!
In the spirit of Knee-High Boot Shopping Month, BootBoy took his "girl friend" out boot shopping yesterday. BootBoy bought her a cute pair of Baker boots, called Close Quarters in brown. They have nice detail that really shows up in the brown color along with a very cute ankle strap for even further detailing.
BootBoy's "girl friend" is a 21-year old Filipina. She is 4'10" and wears a size 6 shoe.

Here are the details: 
Heel Height – 1”  • Shaft - 14 1/4"  • Circumference - 13"  • Material – Leather  • Toe – Almond 
Cost: $99, plus tax

Regular Updates!
Thursday, October 18th, 2012
GF wore her new boots out to dinner tonight. We ate at Chipotle. She said she liked her new boots. "Roommate" said they were "fancy." I asked "Sister" if she liked her new boots and she responded with an approving nod. When we got to the car, I knelt down before her as she sat in the passengers seat to grovel to her in public. Then I kissed the top of her right boot with a good firm kiss. After dinner, we went to the grocery store and I got to hear her boots pounding the helpless floor tiles. I told her I was going to buy her more boots.

Saturday, October 20, 2012
GF wore her new Baker Boots "Close Quarter" from 6:30pm until 11:00pm. We visited her Latina friends house and her friend was wearing knee high black zip up 2.5" chunk heel boots!! Her friend was quite impressed with GF's new boots! The two women talked with their boots on for a couple of hours with each one walking around and making tons of noise with their boots on!
Before we went to her friends house, we stopped to pick up some tamale's and pupusas. The girl behind the counter doesn't speak any English at all and is only slightly larger than GF. Nonetheless, she likes GF a lot! She smiled very big when she talked with GF. I stepped away to allow the two little goddesses enjoy each other's beauty. GF has a lot of pretty latina friends.
GF has now worn her boots three times. She said "I do like my boots." I asked her if she liked the noise they made and she gave a big smile and said yes! At the end of the evening, GF let me pull off her left boot. 
Below are some pictures of her boots before we went out. Included is a picture of the bottoms of her boots With the dirt she has blessed with her size six feet! You can see the $99 price tag on the bottom that will be worn away as her Godlike 4'10" little body crushes it!
 As a bonus, there is a picture of her little size 6 black shoe with her DIRTY SOCKS inside, posing with her her boots. 

Monday, October 29th
GF and I went out to dinner just before the hurricane hit. She "wanted" to wear her knee-high boots to protect her feet from the rain. She is 4'10" and Very demanding! I love submitting to her Filipina will! Her size makes resistence futile. She let me kiss her right boot before we went out to eat. On Sunday night, she let me take her boots home with me. I'm hoping for lots more "Boot Dates!" 

Thursday, November 1st
GF and I went to the mall to go shopping. She was going to wear her Addidas, but then "Sister" told her to put her boots on! From 8pm until 10pm, the tiny goddess wore her boots over her jeans and looked POWERFUL! 
She ended up getting a top and a sweater at Forever 21. She said she is going to wear them with her boots tomorrow! She got a grey oversized turtleneck sweater and a purple and white striped shirt. When we got back to the car, I knelt down and asked if I could kiss her boot. She said "yes" and I kissed the top of her right foot!
BONUS: "Roommate" bought a brand new pair of knee-high riding boots! They are Vince Camuto "Finny" boots.

Saturday, December 1st
GF and I went to the mall and met up with "Roommate." We went shopping and ate Chinese. GF wore her Close Quarter boots and she looked very cute. She put her boots on at 6:30 and took them off at 10:30. Fun!
While we were at the mall, "Roommate" wanted to go shoe shopping. Yaaaahhhh! We went to Aldo's and Roommate tried on a knee-high zip up 4" heel black suede boot. This boot is sooo soft and elegant. Roommate liked them, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to get them or no. In any case, it was super fun watching her zip up the boot and then unzip it. She was very elegant and make almost no noise at all. I will keep you updated on any further developments. 
ALDO Morono black suede boots

Monday, December 3rd
GF wore her knee-high boots tonight! She got three very enthusiastic compliments from her friends. One friend asked where she got her boots and another friend asked how much they cost. The friend, who asked how much they cost, is a 35-year old Latina who wears black knee-high zip up chunk heel boots. GF admires her a lot and her compliment meant a lot to her. GF is starting to like her boots a lot more. She likes all the attention she gets from them. 
In the most exciting event of the week, GF Ordered me to kiss her foot because I got mad at her on Thanksgiving. She got a huge smile on her face when she said, "Kiss My Foot!" Or coarse I obeyed. Her boots give her power and she likes the power!

Saturday, December 22nd
GF and I went to a bar to watch mucic last night. GF loves live music. She is a good singer herself. She wore her boots because it was very cold yesterday. Her boots keep her feet warm so she likes to wear them on cold days. She looked so cute singing along with the musician. She might do some professional singing someday and she will definately have to wear boots when she does. 
GF and I are going to her friends house for dinner on Christmas Eve and then we are staying at a four-star hotel for the night. She is very excited and so I am. She is going to wear her boots for sure, so I will be sure to post an update! Merry Booted Christmas, All!!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
GF and I went to her friends house for Christmas dinner. We ate tamales and rice and meat and chicken. GF wore her brown Baker boots of coarse because she wanted to be dressed up for Christmas. Her friend Loves her boots and constantly tell her that she likes her boots!
Later that night, we stayed at a four-star hotel to celebrate Christmas. We checked just as the clock was about to strike midnight and Sexy Santa Claus was about to appear in her RED boots. We were good little boys and girls though and we went straight to bed. In the morning GF wore her brown boots down to breakfast and was quite the Christmas sight with her Adorable brown face and sexy brown boots. She gets lots of power when she wears her boots and she is even more demanding when she has them than she is normally. Her little size 6's made soo much damn noise against the marbled floors.  I couldn't help but tell her how much I loved the noise. 
It was a great Booted Christmas!

Thursday, December, 27th
GF called me today and Orderd me to come to her home because she cooked dinner. I had planned on going to the gym after work tonight, but it is very difficult to resist the will of a 4'10" adorable Filipina when she is angry. She wore her boots intentionally tonight to demonstrate her authority over me and to force me to submit to her. She knows how much power her boots have over me and for me knowing that she purposely put her boots on just to dominate me was heaven. Before we went out shopping after dinner, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer and I kissed her left foot. Luckily she didn't kick me in the face with her powerful boots. 
When we got to the car I BEGGED her to let me buy her another pair of boots. She was adament that she did not want another pair, but in the end she got TWO more pairs! At first she was looking at a pair of jet black rubber rain boots. She was  lukewarm about them and while searching for a bigger size, I saw a pair of knee-high black 1.5" heel boots with a Rear thick gauge zippper! GF put them on and fell in love. These boots are much taller than her brown boots and fit her better. She called All of her friends and her sister too to brag about her new knee high boots! I told her that her black boots gave her even more power over me than her brown ones. She is a very demanding little person and now that she has some really good black boots her power increased significantly. She is sure to wear her new boots A LOT. She got the rain boots too, just for rain. 
Good Boot Day!!

Thursday, December 28th
GF wore her brand new knee-high zip-up boots to go see her friend yesterday. GF was off work so she hung out with a friend all day. She cooked and watched movies and had fun, all while wearing her new boots! GF was so excited to show off her new knee-high boots to her friend and her friend liked them! GF walks a lot so I'm sure the bottoms got dirty! I will be sure to post pics of the dirt on the bottoms of her new boot... dirt blessed by the size 6 feet of a 4'10" Goddess Filipina!
Way to go GF! Your first full day of wearing your new boots!

Saturday, December 29th
GF and I went see Les Miserables and she wore her new black knee-high boots to the mall. GF loves attention she gets from  her boots. GF even kicked me with her precious little right foot during the movie. I am sooo lucky! She is learning how to use her new knee-high boots for power! She zipped up her boots around 3pm and wore them until 10pm at night. It was so fun hearing the sound of her boots and seeing how powerful they looked on her feet. 
Later that night, she let me take her boots home to clean the bottoms. I posted pics of the dirty bottoms and to show greater detail of the boots. The bottoms of her boots are nice and clean now. I take my work very seriously and I would never take short cuts on doing such an important job. After all, if I do it wrong, I might get kicked!

Sunday, December 30th
GF called me today to reminder me to return her boots to her.  We had planned on doing her laundry together, but I didn't know she planned on wearing her new knee-high boots to the laundromat. I was so excited when she said she was going to wear them!
We did her laundry and walked around for a little bit. Her boots are so awesome. Even doing laundry is fun when she wear her knee-high boots. After we did laundry, we went to Chipolte for dinner. It was quite a boot date: Laundry and Chipolte. It seriously does not get any better!