Sunday, August 5, 2012

Boot Nation Thanks Appreciation of Booted News Women Blog!

Boot Nation says Thank You!!
Many of you have recently discovered Boot Nation. Welcome to Boot Nation all! We have been up and running for a little over three months now and it has been so much fun! I am new to blogging and I had an idea of sharing my love of knee high boots with the rest of our boot loving community, both women and men. I was active in the
San Francisco fetish scene for over 10 years and it made me who I am today. I have many people in San Francisco to thank for their support. But it all started with Bondage-a-Go-Go in 1994. I used to attend clubs, parties, festivals and concerts and I would ask women if I could kiss their boots. To my surprise the overwhemlming majority said yes. Wow! Words cannot express those experiences. 
Today, I am blogging about boots instead of kissing them. Boot Nation will bring you boot related news, fashion, feature themes, dramas and even fictional stories. We have already met  The Deformographer and her main pairs of knee high boots,  Chelsea, Parker and Lolita. However, I want to invite Anyone to participate in Boot Nation in any way. Boot Nation needs constant fresh ideas to keep it interesting. Your input, comments and guest blogs are very welcome. Please feel free to email me at
One of the reasons you may discovered the Boot Nation blog is due to an endorsement from Appreciation of Booted News Women Blog. This blog actually was the main reason I decided to get into blogging. Barrybrite does such an outstanding job of bringing us daily videos of knee high booted newswomen. I visit often and I could easily spend days searching through all of its archives. Boot Nation shares Appreciation of Booted News Women's values of respect toward women. We also love
Annalee Penny and are happy to help promote her onto further greatness! Barry, thank you very much much for your support! Boot Nation's traffic quadrupled because of your endorsement! Thank you!
Lastly, I want to give some props to my other favorite blog, Ultimatecheerleaders has been around for several years. Like, Appreciation of Booted News Women, it is very professional. It covers all professional cheeerleading squads in the United States and many other worldwide squads as well. It is the best site on the web see knee high white go-go boots. 
Thank you all so much. I look forward to hearing from you and Welcome to Boot Nation!

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