Thursday, June 7, 2012

COMBAT BOOT WEEK - African-American Beauty Dafrastar)

AGRO GIRL MONTH -Combat Boot Week (African-American Beauty Dafrastar Rocks) the Fuck out of Boot Nation!
Nation, have you noticed that there have been almost no African-American women on the blog? Here's the truth.. we've been holding the fuck back. Today, we can't hold back any further though. Black Goddess, Dafrastar blows us the fuck away wearing her combat boots and red plaid shirt!
Dafrastar is 26-years old. She has made 50 videos, has over 400 subscribers and her videos have been watched over 50,000 times! The present video was just made on March 30, 2012 and it's been viewed less than 1000 times so far. That will change once the Nation finds out about this goddess and her black boots!
This girl screams sexy! She has a hard-ass look that is so intimidating, you'd be scared to be locked in a room with her even if she was only wearing her combat boots. You'd do it  anyway because no one could resist her beauty. One of my favorite things about her is deep black skin. Indeed her arms look so strong, no doubt she is tougher than most guys. But as always this is a blog about knee high boots and you have to Love her boots. Look at how dirty they are! Read yesterday's post for a detailed description of how to lick them clean for her. She fucking deserves it!
Song: White Stripes, Seven Nation Army