Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty Japanese Girl Makes Man KISS HER SHOE!


Kuroi Taiyo 黒い太陽 (video)

Kuroi Taiyo 黒い太陽 was a Japanese television show that aired in 2006. The background of this scene is that the lead character, Nagai Masaru, works at a bar where he is employed in a lowly position. At one point, he stands up one of the women at the bar and he is being punished for his insubordination. In this scene, the woman is threatening to have him fired unless he kisses her shoe to show his respect and submission to her. 
To have this scene shown on mainstream Japanese television is a triumph of female domination. Television educates us... life imitates art. Women are gaining more and more power in society. This scene does an excellent job of showing women how to use their power.
 Like all things Japanese, this scene is very well done. The  woman is very pretty, she extends her foot with little effort to enforce her power, it shows a great close-up of his lips meeting her little shoe and then pans out above to see him totally beneath her. Her evil laugh is a combination of adorable and sexy.
You could say this all started with Superman kissing Star Sapphires boots to show his submission to her. Boot Nation hopes women will use their power to make us lick their knee-high boots for them.
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