Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thigh High Boot Lolita Visits with Boot Nation

Hello Boot Nation! I’m visiting you from my closet in Deformographer Mansion in San Francisco. We live in the stylish Twin Peaks neighborhood. The Deformographer purchased this beautiful home a little more than a year ago. I love San Francisco. It has perfect boot weather all year round. The Deformographer has homes all over the United States and around the world for that matter, but San Francisco is my favorite. I’ll stop boring you with housing details. You want me to talk about boots!
You may have heard this already ,but The Deformographer is Not my first owner. Originally, I was owned by
Anne Hathaway when I starred in the Dark Night Rises and The Dark Night Rises Again. Anne was such a beautiful owner. Her feet are so soft and warm it was hard not to fall asleep when we were just sitting around. The Deformographer’s feet are just as warm and soft though. I was a gift to The Deformographer for her 25th birthday. It was a great party at Deformographer Mansion. Legendary actually, with lots and lots of sex. Selena and Justin were there. Justin is just as cute as ever and well Selena is Still the most beautiful woman in the world! Hayden Panneteirre was there along with Beyonce, J.Lo, Miley Cyrus and Brenda Song. The theme was thigh high boots! I ended up being the center of attention after Anne presented me to The Deformographer. Anne wore her classic Chanel boots from The Devil Wears Prada. Actually, we kindof hooked up later on after the party died down a bit, like around 5 am or so.
As you can imagine, as a patent leather thigh high boot, I’d pretty much get to have my way with any pair of boots I want. I almost always get my way anyway. My pure sexuality is impossible to resist. To be blunt about it… I’m a slut. In fact, I am to slut what Parker is to bitch and Chelsea is to power. So that should give you an idea. I like SEX. Guys, girls, it does not matter to me. It’s not like I’m dirty. I always practice safe sex and my patent leather gets spit shined at least once a week. I have been a lot more sexually active since The Deformographer has been my owner though. But don’t let Anne Hathaway’s sweetness fool you, The Princess Diaries likes to get it on.. and when she did, more often than not, I got pressed into action. Hey, when duty calls, you gotta stand up tall. I’m 36 inches in height with a 4 inch heel too, so I'm always ready to roll!
So anyway, they wanted me to answer some fan mail, so I selected some of the more popular questions. Here goes:
From Gunther in Norway: Can you describe the overall experience of being a thigh high boot?
Hi Gunther! I have actually been to Norway. It has great boot weather too! I’d say the overwhelming feeling is sex. I’m always turned on, especially when I see myself in the mirror.  I always want to have sex, even if I’m at some semi-formal event. I’m always looking for the cutest guys and hottest girls and of course the best boots out there!
Next, from Miguel in Bolivia: Do you like to dance and if so what is your favorite types of dances?
Miguel we got to hook up, Sweetie. I LOVE to dance. After sex, dancing is my favorite aerobic activity. In fact, I got to dance with Selena Gomez at the party. We danced for a whole hour together. I love Salsa and Mererenga of coarse, but I’d say my favorite is hip-hop.
Paul in San Francisco asks: what do you do while you are in the closet with all of the other boots?
Paul, I can tell you’re not the brightest blub on the tree are you? Just kidding. I’m in a small confined space with lots of other thigh and knee high boots that have been worn by The Most Powerful Woman of all time. It sounds like you are really asking if we have non-stop sex. The answer is YES!. I love suede boots for their softness, combat boots for their toughness, black knee high boots cuz they are so popular and unique boots they always come up with some kindof new kinky things I’ve never heard of. 
Okay. Last question from Hiyoshi in Tokyo. Do you look down on other types of shoes because you are the best?
Hi Yoshi! Lol To be honest, I do feel like I am the best. But I love all kinds of shoes, boots even some sandals. Everyone is different and special in their own unique way. Sometimes, I wish I could be a regular converse Chuck Taylor just for a day to see what it was like. Just kidding! Lol I will say this though in closing. I have had sex with ever kind of shoe on the planet. Honestly, if Hayden Pantierre puts a pair of Chucks on her tiny feet, I want to F*CK them. Lol
Alright, I’m out. It was nice meeting all of you. Keep your questions coming. Peace out. Lolita.
Below we have some pictures from the party!

(The views and opinions expressed by Lolita do not necessarily represent those of Boot Nation or its Management)

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