Saturday, June 30, 2012

Agro Girl Month Concludes - DOMINATRIX MISS TIFFANY

AGRO GIRL MONTH concludes with a very special entry. Boot Nation Proudly Introduces Miss Tiffany.
Miss Tiffany is a life-stlye and professional dominatrix. Miss Tiffany is the only dominatrix to appear on the blog. Boot Nation is a huge fan, however and worships her deeply. Miss Tiffany combines that girl-next-door innocence look with a playful demeanor, but has an air of complete superiority and sincere dominance.
Miss Tiffany is a mix of black, white, Native American and Mexican. She has long black hair and has the cutest face of any dominatrix on the planet. Miss Tiffany is very athletic, works out regularly and often plays soccer against her slaves (literally).
Personally, my favorite thing about Miss Tiffany is how natural she is. She dresses casual sometimes, athletic other times and then really turn up the heat by putting on a a corsette and PVC knee-high boots!
Below are some pics of Miss Tiffany with some of the other women who worship her and have become her slaves as well as some lucky men who have been dominated by her. We chose a lot of photos with
Miss Tiffany wearing her knee high boots and specifically show you the bottoms so you can see how worn Miss Tiffany gets her boots. She wears knee-high boot a lot! Miss Tiffany's outfits vary from bondage to formal and then she gives us a peak of her athletic prowess wearing her soccer uniform with knee-high white socks and custom made Nike sneakers with Miss Tiffany printed on the backs. 
Please visit Miss Tiffany's website and become a member. The pictures below are a tiny sample from the thousands of photos in her Members Section
Miss Tiffany deserves all of humanity to bow down to her!

Below are some items for sale from Miss Tiffany's 
Personal Collection.(Availability may vary).

Lastly, as a Thank You, Boot Nation sent
Miss Tiffany Folter Womens DECAY TEE from her Wish List


Friday, June 29, 2012

Female Action Movie Week - The Dark Night Rises (featuring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman)

Female Action Movie Week comes to a close today with Catwoman as the Ultimate AgroGrrrl in The Dark Night Rises.
Anne Hathaway carries the Catwoman whip into the next decade wearing the black spike-heel thigh-high boots after Michelle Pfieffer and Halle Barry. Anne Hathaway is by far the most popular figure on this blog and we are eagerly awaiting her performance as Catwoman. Anne is an interesting choice for this role. She is the ultimate girl-next door. She is completely non-threatening because her deamor is so sweet. That may be why she is so alluring in this role. We always want the dominant women, Kate Beckinsale's Selene for example, to show us compassion. But we want the sweet girls to put on a pair of boots and whip us. Anne Hathaway fulfills our fantasy. Pretty face, nice body and she looks awesome in thigh-high boots. Catwoman will be Anne Hathaway's signature role.

Catwoman stunt double with Motorcycle
Catwoman stunt double rides Motorcycle

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Female Action Movie Week - UNDERWORLD

Female Action Movie Week - UNDERWORLD

Female Action Movie Week continues with Kate Beckinsale in her role of Selene in the Underworld series. In 2003, our jaws disconnected from our chins when we first saw Kate Beckinsale dressed in an unbelievable leather suit and wearing knee-high lace up boots. Director Len Wiseman liked her so much, he married Kate after the movie and they started making Baby Underworld's. We are now up to four Underworld movies: Underworld, Underworld: Evoluation, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and this year Underworld: Awakenings. 
As a female action hero, Kate Beckinssale has it all...Leather jump suit, knee-high boots, Lots of guns, an amazingly pretty face, incredible blue eyes.. and her English accent! She is the formula for success. Kate is 38 years old and in fantastic shape. We hope we get to see her in a few more Underworlds. Maybe someday they can write in someone licking the bottom of her boot clean for mercy. 
The below photo essay shows Kate wearing her knee-high boots, kicking some major Lycan ass and being all-powerful before she reverts to her normal boot-wearing self.