Saturday, August 18, 2012

BootBoy Visits San Francisco to Worship Goddess Ming (Day 1)

Great Boot Quotes in History: In all the confusion, I can't remember. Did I lick six boots or only five. - BootBoy, November 23 1994 after his first trip to Bondage-a-Go-Go

BootBoy visits San Francisco for the Weekend!
BootBoy is on special assignment this weekend in San Francisco to worship the Goddess Ming. Yesterday was an eventful day with lots of shopping, including a stunning purchase of a pair of 14 eyelit Purple Dr. Marin combat boots! The boots are completely amazing. They look like a Popsicles on size 5 feet! The size 5’s are adorable anyway, but with the grape boots covering them, BootBoy was completely obsessed. Unfortunately, the Goddess Ming had to break in her new boots by giving BootBoy a thorough ass kicking that included several minutes of sustained boot kicking. BootBoy is tough though. He withstood the boot kicking from the Goddess Ming and recovered quickly. Later, the Goddess Ming forced our hero to kiss her boots in public and even humiliated him further by crushing his Chipotle chips with her powerful boots and forcing him to eat them! Of course, BootBoy feels tremendous gratitude to the Goddess Ming for this public humiliation and hopes to endure more of it while on the rest of his “assignment”
In another important event, BootBoy saw the new Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises and provided Boot Nation with his own first hand descriptions.
Ann Hathaway completely steals the movie as Catwoman. It is difficult not to drool over her thigh-high black boots. We are introduced to Catwoman and her boots when she uses her superior martial arts skills on a weak man and she pins his hand against a wall with her 5” boot heel. The camera focuses on the action of her boot heel as if directed by Quentin Terrintino himself. It is classic boot cinematography. Ann Hathaway is so elegant walking and fighting in her thigh high boots. Her thigh high boot training from The Devil Wears Prada truly was the experience she needed to prepare her for the ultimate dominant female. Of course, on a personal note, I was distracted by the Goddess Ming’s purple combat boots. When Catwoman was not on screen, my eyes were down at Goddess Ming’s boots. For this reason, I really have no idea what happened in the rest of the movie. I will be sure to see it many more times in in the future and give you my impressions.
There you have it Boot Nation, straight out of BootBoy’s mouth. We hope the Goddess Ming doesn’t kick him in the mouth with her new boots. If so, BootBoy will give us all the details. Until tomorrow, ‘Nation, enjoy your weekend!