Monday, June 4, 2012

COMBAT BOOT WEEK - Gripfast Boots

AGRO GIRL MONTH - Combat Boot Week (Gripfast Boots)
Boot Nation loves all kinds of knee high boots because they all symbolize power. But combat boots symbolize a much more tangible kind of power than just plain sexy knee high or thigh high boots. All boots can be used for kicking.. but combat boots are Made for kicking ass. Literally! So this week, we want to focus on the "ugly cousins" of the boot world. They may not have the sexy high heel, but steel toes on cute little feet are such a sexy contrast we absolutely Love them. When girls wear thigh-high boots, they feel an overwhelming sense of sexual power, but they feel physically vulnerable at the same time. When girls wear steel-toe combat boots, they feel a sense of physical power, knowing they can easily kick someone into submission to the point where the person would rather lick her boots for mercy than get kicked by her anymore. Girls LOVE that power! Getting kicked by steel toe combat boots is not fun. It just plain hurts! Bring it on, girls!
Today we start off the week with Gripfast boots. 
30 eylelit Gripfast. Tiny feet. Huge-ass boots. Big Power!

20 eyelit Gripfast

Gripfast Porched

Oxblood Steelcap 14-eyelits!!

Avril Lavigne is no punk. She is her own unique blond-haired goddess who does whatever the fuck she wants. Here shes doing it in studded Gripfast boots! More from Avril next month during Celebrity Boot Month. (Hint: Vancouver Olympics)