Monday, September 3, 2012

BOOT NATION Receives 10,000 Pageviews!!

Boot Nation received its 10,000th pageview a few minutes ago! The hit was a British visitor and they viewed
Alicia Keys knee high boots!  Britian has been the largest Boot Nation visitor outside of the United States so it is only appropriate they should receive this historic achievement! Boot Nation is honored and humbled by Britians support and the support of every visitor.
Recently, Britian surged ahead of Russia in pageviews, although Russia along with Germany and France remain very strong supporters of Boot Nation. Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada and Spain round out the top 10 visitors with the Netherlands occasionally making an appearance in the Top 10 as well. The United States has 45% of the overall pageviews. There are a lot of fans of Boot Nation in the U.S., but even more worldwide! Unfortunately, Bloogger does not provide even greater details on pageviews. Although Boot Nation receives consistent support from over 60 other countries as well, including: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korean, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Yemen, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland  and many others.
Boot Nation is still in its infancy. We are always welcome to comments and guest bloggers. The 2012-2013
Boot Season has arrived and with the arrival of Boot Season, Boot Nation will report daily on knee high boot sightings! September is Boot Fashion Month. Boot Nation will provide thorough details on all of the major brands and stores to help educate all of Boot Nation on this years knee high boot fashions.
Together with the onset of Boot Season is the NFL Football Season. So to help celebrate our 10,000 pageview Boot Nation introduces Cheerleader of the Day. Since football season officially starts on September 6, our first Cheerleader of the Day is nonother than a member of America's Team, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. 
Thank you for your support Boot Nation! We look forward to our next 10,000 pageviews...and beyond!
As mentioned earlier, Boot Season has arrived and Friday night BootBoy was at the mall with a friend, looking at boots of coarse! As BootBoy sat down to rest, his attention was captured by a very pretty dark haired, stylish young woman wearing knee high jet black, brand new rain boots! BootBoy casually complimented her on her boots and he was happy! We made it Boot Nation, welcome to Boot Season!

Cheerleader of the Day - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (2012)