Monday, May 21, 2012

THIGH-HIGH BOOT WEEK - Anne Hathaway Wearing Chanel Boots

Boot Nation Presents: 
We start off this special week with Anne Hathaway wearing Chanel thigh high boots in The Devil Wears Prada. This is a great movie on several levels. For one, Anne Hathaway is adorable and always looks great. Two, this is a very good story. Meryl Streep is awesome and Stanley Tucci is great too. This is a funny movie. Lastly, its about fashion and knee high boots are a very important part of fashion. There are numerous shots of women wearing knee high boots. 
The highlight of the movie though takes place when Anne Hathaway's character, Andy, undergoes a transformation from a "smart, fat girl" to a stunning fashion goddess. And, of coarse to accentuate her power she wears Thigh High Boots! In the scene, Andy walks in after her transformation to the surprise of the girls who were making fun of her. Her chief rival, Emily asks.. "are those?" To which Andy cuts her off and replies with.. "the new Chanel boots. Ya" and looks away like its nothing. 
If a girl wants to show power, wear knee high boots. If a girl want to humiliate someone with her power, wear Thigh High boots! Anne Hathaway is a goddess with an incredibly pretty face and a very sweet demeanor. Her power is godlike when she wears these awesome boots. 
In one of the many great scenes in this movie, Miranda (Meryl Streep) lectures Andy for being smug about fashion and uses her cerillium sweater as an example. Her message: couture decides what women wear. This movie was in 2006. Three years later, thigh high boots were rebranded as "Over-the-Knee" boots and came into fashion in 2009...because of this movie!
We look forward to seeing Anne as Catwoman. For now, enjoy her wearing the beautiful Chanel thigh highs boots. 

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