Friday, August 10, 2012

Female Athletes & Boots Month Tara Lipinski

Female Athletes and Boots Month - Ice Skating Week:
Tara Lipinski
In 1998, at the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, Tara Lipinski became the youngest female athlete to win a gold medal during a winter olympics at the age of 15! 
Tara was in a fierce competition for the gold medal with fellow American skater, Michelle Kwan. Kwan had skated before Lipinski and skated a perfect program. However, Tara had the advantage of skating second and knew the score she had to beat to win the gold medal. This is a huge advantage because it meant that she knew she had to be more bold in her performance and attempt the most difficult aspects of her program to win. Tara did indeed skate a flawless program including seven triples, an historic triple loop/triple loop combination and at the very end of her long program, a triple toe/half loop/triple salchow sequence. When Tara landed her final jump, she knew she had just won the gold medal and the smile on her face is one of the most moving events in sports history.  The rest of  her program was extremely emotional. Rarely, do we get to watch an athlete compete and celebrate during their performance. Lipinski skated the rest of her program with pure joy. Michelle Kwan was crushed, but it was impossible not to root to Lipinski. 
Tara retired from amateur skating and turned professional, instead of training to compete in the 2002 Winter Games. Tara and her mother had spent the final two years leading up to the 1998 Olympics training in Detroit, Michigan, while her father lived and worked in Texas. Tara felt that training for another Olympics was too much strain on her family. Lipinski toured with Champions on Ice and later with Stars on Ice. 
As Tara became older she discovered knee high boots and added several pairs to her wardrobe. She wore her boots at public appearance, out to clubs and acted as a runway model at a fashion show in Los Angeles. Tara is only 5'1" and she usually wears black boots to contract her pretty blond hair. Tara also has a favorite pair of light brown suede cowboy boots that she has worn often.  Tara is good friends with fellow American Olympic Silver medalist Sasha Cohen. Tara enjoys life and she frequently shares the same brilliant smile she displayed when she won her gold medal. She will be an Olympic Gold Medalist for the rest of her life.

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