Monday, July 23, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month (Taiwan) Lucy Liu

Celebrity Boot Month - Asian Week: Lucy Liu
Boot Nation is obsessed with Asians and women doing martial arts. Any female doing martial arts is sexy...
An Asian woman kicking ass while wearing knee high boots is over the top Sexy! Lucy Liu has done some of the sexiest fight scenes in American movies over the last fifteen years. From the Charlies Angel's franchise to
Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 we have gotten to see Lucy use her real life karate skills. 
Lucy is first generation from Taiwan. She grew up in Queens, New York and learned martial arts when she was young. She used to beat up the neighborhood boys using her karate. 
Lucy mostly wears her knee high boots on the silver screen and for photoshoots. Her stunt double, Ming Qui also wears the same boots. Below we have several vidoes of Lucy using her karate while wearing knee-high boots as well as a couple bonus videos of Lucy in leather And her infamous make-out scene with Calista Flockhart. 
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