Thursday, May 31, 2012




MADYFASHIONSTYLE is a Spanish blogger, so to be honest, I have no idea what she is saying If anyone would like to translate for us, we would be very grateful! She has made 47 videos, has over 3500 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 350,000 times. Wow.

In the above video, posted on February 4, 2012, MADYFASHIONSTYLE shows us four pairs of fabulous knee-high boots! All are very distinct. For the last two minutes and forty-five seconds, she breaks out her thigh-high boots with the metal studs and blows us away!
She is a natural dancer and dances in her boots to both tease us and show off her boots. Her boots don't start until almost five minutes into the video, but they are worth it! Be warned!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boot Nation does it again! If you thought yesterday was the pinacle of boot blogging and it was downhill from there, today we rasied the bar 4" with DiorableXoXo and her Over-the-Knee black high-heel boots! DiorableXoXo has made 15 videos so far. She has 240 subscibers including Boot Nation and her videos have been viewed over 88,000 times. She started fashion blogging in August of last year so her videos are getting great attention for obvious reasons!
One of my favorite things about DiorableX is her confidence. She has very strong opinions and is obviously a very dominant girl. In the above video, she crushes all her haters with her powerful boots on!  She wears knee-high boots a lot, so she's perfect for Boot Nation! We should all bow down to her and her thigh-high boots and welcome her to Boot Nation!!

DiorableXoXo shows all her fans Three pairs of brand-new Knee-High Boots!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thigh High Boot Fashion Blogger: Beautiful Belleza

Boot Nation is proud to present fashion blogger,
 Beautiful Belleza. Belleza has made 39 videos, has over 400 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 100,000 times. Boot Nation features beautiful women wearing knee-high boots, but this time, I think we have outdone even ourselves. Belleza is insanely pretty and could easily win major pageants. 
Belleza has great style. The below clip, from February 5, 2011 shows her wearing Over-the-Knee gray flat boots along with a short tightly fitted jacket and an overszied shirt. Her face is just amazing. In her other videos she also shows her great style. She has a wonderful smile and looks at home in front of the camera. Welcome to Boot Nation, Belleza!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Boot Nation presents Thigh-High Boot Fashion Blogger Week featuring some of the prettiest fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging is a huge past-time for many women and Outfit-of-the-Day features (OOTD) are very common. Fashion bloggers become mini-celebrities with some acheiving millions of vidoes watched on YouTube. Fashion is very important to women and they put a lot of effort into what they wear everyday. Women enjoy shopping, putting together outfits and watching what other women wear to get ideas. Fashion is a great way for women to show the complexities of their personalities. From blouses, tops, hats, dresses, scarves, belts, bags, skirts, pants, assessories and most of all shoes and in particular BOOTS!
There are so many fashion bloggers out there, Boot Nation can afford to spend an entire week, just on thigh-high (Over-the-Knee boots). Today, we feature . On March 10, 2011 she blessed us all with not only wearing this outfit, but sharing it with the world.   is in her early 20's. She has almost 2000 subscribers and her videos have been viewed almost 100,000 times. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The perfect day. I love Miami. I am in Miami this weekend to watch my Giants play the Miami Marlins. They lost yesterday's game, but today they won! The Marlins have a brand new stadium in Little Havana. It has a retractable dome and unfortunately, they plan to keep it closed on most days so the fans are comfortable. After the game though they do open it and today was glorious weather so it was great. 
The best part of the ballpark though is they have a nightclub called, The Clevelander. A nightclub at a baseball stadium. As you know, I am a big baseball fan and a Huge Giants fan. So, what could improve the baseball experience... Knee-high boots of coarse!  One of the things I've always loved about the Marlins is they have cheerleaders. They used to be called the Marlin Mermaids and they were a huge Hit! The Mermaids always wore knee high boot as part of their uniforms. However this year with the new ballpark, they decided to change to a co-ed dance team called, They Energy Dance Team. The Energy Dance team is exactly that too.. energetic and Very athletic. They combine gymnastics with dance routines and create a fun exciting atmosphere in between innings. Yesterday, was particularly exciting because they were taking The Energy Team photo for 2012. Knee-high boots are not a part of their normal uniforms, but they are a part of their wardrobe and since it was a special event the goddesses of the team wore their classic Mermaid knee-high black boots with the Marlin logo at the top of the boots! I was so excited! 
After the game today, I went into The Clevelander to check it out hoping I would see knee-high boots. I was not disappointed! I guess I was a bit off my game and please don't think less of me, but I walked right by four go-go dancers all wearing knee high boots! It wasn't until I turned around did my whole world change from baseball fan to BootBoy. Luckily its an instant and seamless transition. Since, the Marlins lost the game, the crowd at The Clevelander was light. The dance floor is low to the ground so I was able to walk right up to one of the goddesses and tell her I liked her boots. I took several pictures of the goddesses dancing in their boots. Then I noticed one of the dancers just sitting there waiting for an adoring fan to talk to her. I walked right up to her and told her that I liked her boots. I then asked her if I could kiss her boot and after a minute or so she said  yes. I immediately knelt down before her and put her tiny foot in my palm and gave the top of her foot a light kiss. Success! Happiness. A life-fulfilling experience. Pure Heaven. I said thank you and left the nightclub and got into a taxi. Only in Miami!
Giants win. Boots kissed. Happy BootBoy!

EXCLUSIVE Boot Nation photos at The Clevelander night club at the new Marlins Park in Little Havana, Miami
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

THIGH-HIGH BOOT WEEK - Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman


The film Pretty Woman (1990) introduced thigh high boots to mainstream America. Julia Roberts played a hooker in the movie, but ironically there are no sex scenes in the film. An entire dissertation could be done on thigh high boots and the effect that this film had on society and its attitude about thigh high boots. Hopefully, one day someone will perform such a detailed study. (When the University of Female Domination opens, Pretty Woman will be required to be viewed before receiving a diploma). 
Women wore thigh high boots before Pretty Woman. But this movie brought them out of the bedroom and put them on the big screen for us all to see. Even the movie poster is a legend. It is well known now that a body double was used in the movie poster. The body double's name is Shelley Michelle. At the time, it was not known that body double's were widely used in Hollywood, so when it came out some people felt deceived that the iconic poster is Not Julia Roberts. Personally, I think it's cool that a body double was used. Julia Roberts did in fact wear those sexy boots in the film, so that is real. To me the cool part is that Two different women wore those boots, Julia Roberts and Shelley Michelle. Personally, I think the more women wear them, the greater their power. 
Pretty Woman is actually Two movies...the movie when Julia Roberts is wearing her boots and the rest of the movie. There are several great scenes of Julia in her boots: her driving the Lotus; tapping her boots on the bench; and very last, when she unzips them. When she asks Richard Gere's character if he minds if she takes off her boots, I think we all let out a collective gasp of NOOOOOO! At least we got to see her unzip them though (click here to see Julia unzip her boots at the 8 second mark).. so effortless and thoughtless... like it was nothing at all. To us it was a big deal. This movie was a big deal and we will always be grateful for Julia Roberts for it. 
Thigh-High Boot Week review: Monday we appreciated Anne Hathaway's Chanel boots in The Devil Wears Prada; Tuesday, Katarina Szish instructed women on The Early Show on how to wear thigh-high boots on an everyday basis; Wednesday we saw a short film about a Japanese girl couple and of coarse the dominant girl wears thigh-high boots; Thursday, we paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston and all of her talent in the 1992 film, The Bodyguard and finally today we wrap it all up with Pretty Woman. 
Please feel free to give any feedback, suggestions or ideas. Enjoy all of the goddesses who wear thigh-high boots and bow down to them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


On February 11th of this year, Whitney Houston's tragic life game to an end much to early. 
The Bodyguard premiered in 1992 with Whitney wearing thigh-high black boots. The film jacket displayed Whitney wearing her boots as she is being cradled by Kevin Costner. 
This post is about the signature song from that movie,
I Will Always Love You. The way she sings this song is overwhelming. No one ever carried a note the way Whitney did in this song. In 1983, Clive Davis introduced Whitney Houston to the world on the Merv Griffin Show. After her performance, Merv Griffin said, Whitney Houston is a name you will not forget. He was right. The Bodyguard showed Whitney in her great boots and the way she sang is truly moving. 
Rest in Peace.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is a short film about two Japanese girls who are a couple. Of coarse, the more dominant girl (the Top) wears Over-the-Knee boots with trousers and suspenders. It is a very masculine look on an adorable Japanese girl. Her friend is much more feminine wearing a thin white dress with black Louboutin spike heels. She is as pretty as her friend is cute.
This is such a nice film. It shows the girl putting on her Over-the-Knee brown boots and her walking in them ever-so gracefully. The girls interactions are very sweet. They both smile nicely for the camera. Hopefully, they had a good time making this film.
My favorite part is when the more feminine girl pulls the flap of her friends boots over her knee to show them as true Thigh-High Boots!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THIGH HIGH BOOT WEEK (Movie Reviews)    

Style Expert, Katarina Szish (born March 6, 1972) appeared on CBS' The Early Show on July 28, 2009 to promote Thigh-High Boots!
The beginning of the clip shows Julia Roberts unzipping her shinny black patent leather boots in "Pretty Woman". Katrina is wearing the best boots out of all the models. The above picture even shows the dirt on the bottom of her boots, so she really does wear them. 
2009 was the breakout year for thigh-high boots. As mentioned in yesterday's post, thigh -high boots were rebranded and marketed as Over-the-Knee boots. I think that was a brilliant move by the fashion industry.The term thigh-high boot means SEX. On the other-hand, Over-the-Knee sounds understated, especially considering what they really are...thigh-high boots! But the name change was necessary. They would not have become popular if they had been called thigh-high boots. 
In 2009, I was selling shoes and remember a customer coming in looking for the new hot fashion of "over-the-knee boots. My manager, who was pretty savvy when it comes to style did not see the over-the-knee boot trend coming and thought the girl was a hooker or something. The name took though. You will not hear many girls calling their over-the-knee boots, thigh-highs. Either way, a rose by any other name, doth smell like leather!
Fashion brought us knee-high boots in the 50's thanks to BF Goodrich's zipper improvment. Pretty Woman introduced mainstream society to thigh-high boots, Anne Hathaway and The Devil Wears Prada dusted them off and Kataria Szish showed us they can be worn by everyday goddesses, even to the office.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

THIGH-HIGH BOOT WEEK - Anne Hathaway Wearing Chanel Boots

Boot Nation Presents: 
We start off this special week with Anne Hathaway wearing Chanel thigh high boots in The Devil Wears Prada. This is a great movie on several levels. For one, Anne Hathaway is adorable and always looks great. Two, this is a very good story. Meryl Streep is awesome and Stanley Tucci is great too. This is a funny movie. Lastly, its about fashion and knee high boots are a very important part of fashion. There are numerous shots of women wearing knee high boots. 
The highlight of the movie though takes place when Anne Hathaway's character, Andy, undergoes a transformation from a "smart, fat girl" to a stunning fashion goddess. And, of coarse to accentuate her power she wears Thigh High Boots! In the scene, Andy walks in after her transformation to the surprise of the girls who were making fun of her. Her chief rival, Emily asks.. "are those?" To which Andy cuts her off and replies with.. "the new Chanel boots. Ya" and looks away like its nothing. 
If a girl wants to show power, wear knee high boots. If a girl want to humiliate someone with her power, wear Thigh High boots! Anne Hathaway is a goddess with an incredibly pretty face and a very sweet demeanor. Her power is godlike when she wears these awesome boots. 
In one of the many great scenes in this movie, Miranda (Meryl Streep) lectures Andy for being smug about fashion and uses her cerillium sweater as an example. Her message: couture decides what women wear. This movie was in 2006. Three years later, thigh high boots were rebranded as "Over-the-Knee" boots and came into fashion in 2009...because of this movie!
We look forward to seeing Anne as Catwoman. For now, enjoy her wearing the beautiful Chanel thigh highs boots. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boot Nation 1-month Anniversary!

Boot Nation blog is 1-month old today! 
Spring has arrived on the East Coast with summer weather already and the knee-high boots are safely packed away until Fall. Quality knee-high boot content is always available. I have reached out to several female fashion bloggers inviting them to be guest bloggers. Weekly events will continue and will get us through the Summer Boot Draught.

The Highlights of the month include:
International Audience: 15%
Russia: 11%
5 countries outside of the U.S.
Apple operating systems: 13%
Mobile readers: 14%
9 Browsers
4 Operating Systems

Here are the details for Boot Nation's first month:

Pageviews by Countries              

United States


United Kingdom



Pageviews by Browsers
Internet Explorer
461 (57%)

131 (16%)

94 (11%)

Mobile Safari
47 (5%)

39 (4%)

19 (2%)

6 (<1%)

2 (<1%)

1 (<1%)

Pageviews by Operating Systems
575 (78%)

63 (8%)

47 (6%)

43 (5%)

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Saturday, May 19, 2012



Spyder Games - Boot Lick

In 2006 MTV produced a daytime soap opera called, Spyder Games. There were 65 episodes made of  Spyder Game. This scene takes place in episode 41that aired on August 13, 2001. The actress name is Shawn Batten. In this scene Natalia (Batten) is angry with her boyfriend because she is jealous and wants him to prove he worships her by licking her boot. Earlier, he had offered to lick her boot, but didn't think she would actually make him do it. The scene is very well done. Batten is insanely sexy. She has an incredible mouth and a look that screams Bitch Goddess!  It shows him get onto his knees to her, but he hesitates. She sexily order to "Do it" and without a word he obeys. The scene has a great view of her boot being extended for Dmitri to lick it and then his tongue meeting the top of her foot. It ends with her orgasmicallly enjoying her power of him. 
To me this is the best of all boot licking or foot kissing scenes in television history. What make it so great is Shawn Green's beauty. Few men could refuse such an order from her. Boot Nation's presentation  of Boot Licking week has shown a revolutionary DC comic featuing the most beloved super hero kissing a woman's boot after being beaten by her; a Japanese television show featuring a woman making a man kiss her shoe after being threatened with termination; a collection of boot licking images and pictures featuring artistic represenations of bootlicking, party bootlicking pics and other pictures showing women getting thier boots licked; a groundbreaking moment in female domination with NBC's boot licking on Law and Order using blackmail; and an amazinly beautiflul woman making her boyfriend acknowledge her complete power over him. Bootlicking happens everyday somewhere in the world, Boot Nation wants to thank everyone involved in featured events this week to help make this Reality!
For more on Spyder Games see:
Spyder Games


Friday, May 18th

Lick My Boot, Worm

On January 13, 2010 NBC aired one of the most amazing scenes of female dominatiion in History on Law and Order. This happened in season 11, episode 12 called, Shadow. The actress Mariska Hargitay plays the character Olivia Benson. The script was co-written by another woman named Amanda Green. 
The highlights of the scene are her sexy knee high zip up high black boots! Olivia wants to use blackmail against him by putting him into a compromsing position and having it photographed. Her power is completely irresistable! She stomps her boot down and Orders him to Lick it and calls him a Worm. His immediate compliance reinforces her power as he loses all self-control and starts to lavish her boot with his tongue in desperate fashion. After he is photographed she powerfully withdraws her boot and orders him to get up. He is not worthy of licking her boot, but she has used her powerful boots to force him to compromise himself for the rest of his life. 
I do have my compliants about the scene though. I wish it had been done on another show and by a different actress. But overall, this scene furthers our cause. How many young women saw this scene and had a lightbulb moment. To make this even better, NBC used this scence to promote NBC televsion shows during the Super Bowl, so an even greater audience got to see a woman order a man to lick her boot.  This is a fetish blog about knee high boot and fetish is slowly becoming more mainstream because its sexy, sex sells and both sexes like female domination. 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Bootlicking pics and images
Animee bootlicking
Barbie forcing Ken to lick the dirt off
 the bottoms of her boots

...get a room bootlicking
Black n White bootlick
Joyful bootlicking
Sexy knee-high boot lick
Will Lick Boots for Food
Welly bootlicking

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty Japanese Girl Makes Man KISS HER SHOE!


Kuroi Taiyo 黒い太陽 (video)

Kuroi Taiyo 黒い太陽 was a Japanese television show that aired in 2006. The background of this scene is that the lead character, Nagai Masaru, works at a bar where he is employed in a lowly position. At one point, he stands up one of the women at the bar and he is being punished for his insubordination. In this scene, the woman is threatening to have him fired unless he kisses her shoe to show his respect and submission to her. 
To have this scene shown on mainstream Japanese television is a triumph of female domination. Television educates us... life imitates art. Women are gaining more and more power in society. This scene does an excellent job of showing women how to use their power.
 Like all things Japanese, this scene is very well done. The  woman is very pretty, she extends her foot with little effort to enforce her power, it shows a great close-up of his lips meeting her little shoe and then pans out above to see him totally beneath her. Her evil laugh is a combination of adorable and sexy.
You could say this all started with Superman kissing Star Sapphires boots to show his submission to her. Boot Nation hopes women will use their power to make us lick their knee-high boots for them.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Star Sapphire Makes Superman KISS HER BOOTS!


Superman Kisses Star Sapphire's Boots!
This issue was released in February 1973. Superman's nemesis is named Star Sapphire. She looks incredibly powerful levitating above Superman with her foot inches from his face, pointing down at him. Her orders are irresistible. Notice Superman's whole body is below the top of her boots. Lois Lane is in the background wearing green knee high boots. Surely, Star Sapphire empowered Lois to make Superman perform the same ritual for her boots as well. 
I think this is an important event in the development of female domination and boot fetishism. In the early 70's go-go boots were Everywhere. To have the idea of a female villain forcing Superman to kiss her boots really brought female domination into the mainstream. The Women's Liberation movement must have loved the symbolism. At the time this was unheard of and not very likely to happen. Today, there are so many female blackbelts who can easily beat up men in real fist fights, they are one foot-propping away from Star Sapphires comic book power. I'm not a superhero but I have been in Superman's position above and it's heaven!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

*BREAKING NEWS* Miss Luana Gets New Boots

Breaking News, Boot Nation. Miss Luana ordered new knee high boots and of coarse we complied with her demand, after all she is so sweet! Her boots arrived yesterday and will be FedEx'd to her tomorrow. Miss Luana should have her brand new boots by Wednesday! Boot Nation is so excited and happy to share this important event. Miss Luana's new boots are from BCB Generation. They are a size 7 and they are the color Ochre. They are pull-on's (Miss Luana's preferred style) and they have a 2" stack heel. The boots are made out of suede. 
Here's how it all happened. On Friday, April 27th, Miss Luana asked what I thought about a pair of boots. Miss Luana has great style and really likes wearing knee high boots. She would not request a pair of boots unless the liked them and wanted to wear them often. Since Miss Luana likes her brown boots so much from Boot Nation, this was an easy demand to fulfill. Unfortunately, compliance was delayed due to some logistical problems. But nonetheless, her new boots have arrived and soon they will be on her little size 7's! 
Below is a description of her new boots followed by some pics. We will keep you posted when she receives them and her official review. Miss Luna was informed of the news just a few moments ago. 
For All of Boot Nation, this is BootBoy

This western-inspired selection from BCBGeneration leaves other boots in the dust. With a rugged leather upper and stacked heel, the Hans is built for a look that you can dress up or down. This is one fall fashion statement that will long outlast trends and become a timeless part of your wardrobe.
  • Leather upper
  • Synthetic lining
  • Manmade sole
  • Shaft height measures approximately 16.5" from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 15" around
  • Heel measures approximately 2"
country of origin:
  • China
item number:
  • B0050U57IA
  • This item can be shipped outside the USA
BCBGeneration delivers a unique blend of uncompromising fashion. Now you can have glorious style without skimping on all-day comfort, and with a variety of different looks, you're bound to find just the right complement to any outfit. Versatile enough for casual and dress, BCBGeneration provides the unlikely combination of maturity and playfulness in every style.

To view larger picture: right click and select Open link in new window

Saturday, May 12, 2012

HOT Latina wears Knee High White Boots

Taco Baja serves very good Salvadoran food and the servers all dress very sexy. Unfortunately, I had never seen any of them ever wear knee high boots.. until tonight. I don't usually go in on weekends, but tonight was an exception. The Giants were playing on TV, but due to other events I couldn't watch them at the bar. 
Tonight I was in for a real treat.  The servers are generally very friendly, but I didn't know of them because the weekend servers are different.
Tonight, one of the servers was wearing knee high zip up White boots with 3.5" stiletto heels. Her boots looked well worn and she moved very gracefully in them so she's obviously worn them a lot. I told her I liked her boots, but she didn't understand me. Most of the servers don't speak much English, but I think she understood I know two words in y botas. That was enough to get my point across and then I gave her $10 for being pretty. She understood that better.
Her boots looked a like these: 
(To view larger picture, right click and select Open link in new window)

Last week was a slow boot week. Only a few boot sightings.. no Booted-Bus, Boot-Lunch or Boots on the Train. It's almost summertime and boot-spotting will be rare until about September.. I'm not in San Francisco anymore! So, I'll have to vary the content from strictly Boot News. Last week was a Tribute to San Francisco. I am thinking a boot theme of the week is a good idea for the summer. Boot Licking week is coming up and Boot Nation Radio will be introduced shortly. As always, I am looking for guest bloggers, males or females. I'd love to have your input.

Until next time, this is Booted News.

Friday, May 11, 2012

San Francisco named BEST KNEE-HIGH BOOT CITY

San Francisco named Best Knee High Boot City in the World!

It's official, Boot Nation has awarded SF this prestigious and well-earned title. San Francisco beat out some stiff competition, including Toyko, Shanghai, London and Milan. Several elements lead San Francisco to its Knee High Boot title. The most important factor is weather. San Francisco has a mean temperature of 58 degree year round, day and night.. perfect for wearing knee high boots. On a yearly average, a woman can wear knee high boots in San Francisco 300 days per year. Therefore, if a woman has 10 pairs of knee high boots, she can rotate her boots and only wear them once every two weeks. That means she can wear one pair 25 times per year. In truth, only true boot lovers have 10 pairs of knee high boots and only the very most deovoted boot-wear puts on her boots 300 times a year, but it does happen. Most women will have between three and five pairs and wear them around 100 times a year. Boot Nation estimates that there are between 3000 to 5000 knee high booted women every day in San Francisco! That's a lot of knee-high booting! 
 Another reason San Francisco achieved its boot-status is that there are so many different types of women who wear knee high boots in The City. The business crowd boots up daily, tourists wear their knee high boots to "fit-in", the museum folks have to wear their expensive Charles David knee high boots or they are denied admission by other knee high booted ones; the clubbers ALL wear knee high boots; then there are all punks with their 20 eyelit steel-toe Doc Martins. 
San Franciso is a stylish international city and nothing says sophistication like knee high boots. San Francisco has great shopping with malls like the San Francisco Shopping Center, Crocker Galleria, Stonestown, The Embarcadeo ,Union Square and The Haight. Each one of these shopping centers sell thousands of pairs of knee high boots every year to residents and tourists. 
The wide variety of activites in San Francisco contributed to its boot-honor. A Giants game with its downtown stadium at AT&T; great music theaters like The Warfield, The Filmore and The Cow Place; night clubs like DNA Lounge, 1015 Folsom,  Kats Bar & Grille, The Sound Factory and Cat Club; thousand of restaurants, pubs and cafes. Don't forget all of the special events like Fleet Week, Folsom Street Fair, Decompression, Bay to Breakers and Exotic Erotic Ball. For the sports fans, the San Francisco 49er Cheerleaders wear some of the best boots in sports! The 49er Cheerleaders were recently voted in the top 10 of professional cheerleaders by Boot Nation. This great city deserves nothing less.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


THE EXOTIC EROTIC BALL is a legendary event started 33 years ago by Perry Mann. I started attending the Ball in 1994 and I've attended every year since. The great thing about the Exotic Erotic Ball is there are soo many knee high boots!! Events like Bondage-A-Go-Go, the Folsom Street Fair and Burning Man all have a great mix of different types of women who attend. Some women are hard-core into the alternative lifestyle scene, but a lot of women are just regular working adults or students who want a taste of the wildlife. The Exotic Erotic Ball is the best outlet for these types of women. At the Exotic Erotic Ball, asking a woman to kiss her boots is a thrill for them. It sort of lives out a fantasy of theirs of being the Queen and having her subjects bow down to her. Disney has done  wonderful job of educating girls that they are princesses and given them an expectation of   power. Women get older but they keep these expectations and truely appreciate a man groveling before her and accepting her feminine power.
Whether its a princes outfit, naughy nurse, or a devil, everyday women get to play dressup and play out their fantasies of power. Whatever the custom, knee high boots can always be incorporated into their outfit. The sexy copy always has her knee high zip up black shinny boots, a lemon drop wears knee high yellow boots over her green tights, and well the dominatrix Always has knee high boots on right?
Go to the Exotic Erotic Ball. Admire all of the knee high booted goddesses and Worship them!
This is BootBoy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burning Man and Decompression Party

BURNING MAN has been taking place for over 25 years! I went to my first "burn" in 1999 and attended nine straight years. Burning Man is a full week-long of partying. It slows down early in the morning, but it never stops.The most important thing to know about Burning Man is that its a costume party. Dress matters and preparing for Burning Man can be a year-round process. You are totally self-sufficient. You can buy ice and coffee at the cafe... that's it! 
When you arrive at Burning Man you are instantly transported into another realm. Because it is far from civilization it easily alters peoples consciousness. Peacefulness, openness and love are encouraged. For these reasons, Burning Man was a perfect place for me to to kiss girls boots...lick them clean actually. Hundreds of them. It was hard work, but that was MY job, I took it very seriously and I was very Good at it!
A month after Burning Man, the Decompression Party takes place. With the Burn already done, Folsom Street Fair over, Gay Pride finished (another great event to lick hot girls boots), Decompression continues the fall San Francisco party scene. Decompression happens on the second Sunday in October. It lasts 12 full hours and the party continues at Club Cocomo late into the night. 
If you can't make the long trek out to Black Rock for Burning Man, decompression is not a bad consolation. It carries most of the same themes, except its a street fair in San Francisco instead of in the desert. The weather is almost always good. But again, dress matters. Bring your favorite costume cuz you'll need it. 
To all my fellow burners, I want to thank you for everything. You are awesome people and have taught me a lot about love and compassion. I urge all of Boot Nation to attend Burning Man as many times as you can and don't miss Decompession!
For Boot Nation. this is BootBoy