Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month (BBW) Tyra Banks

Celebrity Boot Month Beautiful Black Women Week:
Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks is Smart! Along with being pretty and having great style, Tyra Banks went to Harvard Business school and received an MBA. Tyra turned away from a successful career as a supermodel to become talk show host and overall businesswoman. TYRA is a brand and it stands for women being sucessful and powerful!
Powerful women wear knee high boots! On the day Tyra introduced her brand to the NYSE she wore grey knee high suede boots. In one of the pics below, you can see one Boot Nation Member drooling over her boots. No doubt he bought a 10.000 shares. Tyra rules her business empire with her boots. She hired young and dominant women to help lead her company to world power. Boot Nation lays at her boots.