Sunday, August 19, 2012

BootBoy Visits San Francisco to Worship Goddess Ming (Day 2)

Great Boot Quotes in History
Well, go ahead punk, Lick My Boot - Clint Eastwood's wife
BootBoy visits San Francisco for the Weekend!
BootBoy is on special assignment this weekend in San Francisco to worship the Goddess Ming (Day 2). 
Yesterday was another exciting day for BootBoy as he continued his journey to San Francisco. The day was filled with a visit to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, one of Goddess Ming's favorite San Francisco destinations. Goddess Ming loves flowers and Agapantha's are one of her favorites. She also loves Star Gazer Lillies. The Botanical Gardens is a jewel located in the heart of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The Goddess Ming wore her new purple combat boots to help break them in, but had BootBoy take off her new powerful combat boots for her and put on her Converse All-Stars instead. Of coarse, BootBoy was require to kiss the Goddess Ming's converse for her after he laced them up. The Goddess Ming has no foot odor whatsoever. But for BootBoy sniffing her thick wool socks was a thrill nonetheless. 
BootBoy and the Goddess Ming have known each other for over 10 years, meeting a concert while he was one of his "world tours." The Goddess Ming took pity on BootBoy and appreciated how polite he was. Today, The Goddess Ming is one of BootBoy's closest personal friends. 
The weather in San Francisco yesterday was a mixture of fog, wind and sun. It was a perfect day to visit the Botanical Gardens, but an even better night for a dinner cruise on the San Francisco Bay. BootBoy had the honor of taking Goddess Ming on a scenic cruise that included a close-up view of Alcatraz and even traveling under the Golden Gate Bridge. Goddess Ming is extremely tough. She bravely stood outside on the deck of the ship as it passed under the bridge, not even bothering to put on a jacket. BootBoy was freezing cold, but his worship of her, made him stand by her side, until she made him lick her pretty boots for her later on. The Goddess Ming intermittently forced BootBoy to publicly humiliate himself by kissing her boots, especially before the cruise when she had him change back into her boots. Later that evening BootBoy got in serious trouble with the Goddess Ming for misunderstanding his bathroom privledges. BootBoy angered Goddess Ming. He can be quite stupid sometimes. The Goddess Ming ordered BootBoy to remove her beautiful purple boots and forced him to kiss her barefeet for his insolence. It serves him right!
In any event, it was another memorable day for BootBoy. Tomorrow he will give us a first-hand account of his mis-adventures. Until tomorrow, Nation. Good nite.