Sunday, May 6, 2012

DOLPHINS CHEERLEADERS - Named Cheerleaders of the Year

The Miami Dolphins recently announced the 2012 cheerleading squad. Boot Nation wants to congratulate all of the members of the 2012 squad and thank all of the goddesses who competed to be  members of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.
The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are the Best cheerleaders in all of sports! This is quite an accomplishment considering all of the various cheerleading squads in the United States and indeed around the world. The Miami Dolphins have always been the best NFL cheerleading squad, but NFL cheerleaders have faced increased pressure from NBA cheerleaders. Major League Soccer, Lacrosse and even the Mermaids of the Miami Marlins also put out some amazing cheerleading teams.
The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are the best for several reasons. One, they ALWAYS wear their signature knee high white zip up go-go boots with a 3.5" stack heel! Other squads also wear these classic boots as well. But the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders are consistent wearers of these boots, Miami is an international city so it attracts the most beautiful goddesses from around the world. Lastly, because of the hot weather, the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders can wear their white boots at every game and the goddesses near get cold.
I want to personally thank the Miami Dolphin organization for being so committed to its cheerleaders wearing these great boots. In recent years, several teams have moved to calf high and flat heel boots. My heart breaks when I see a cheerleading squad not wearing great boots. I love the NFL, but I am more interested in watching the performances of the cheerleaders. I would love to see an NFL Cheerleaders Network and of course the Miami Dolphins Cheeleaders would be its captains.

Below are pictures of 2012 Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders