Saturday, May 12, 2012

HOT Latina wears Knee High White Boots

Taco Baja serves very good Salvadoran food and the servers all dress very sexy. Unfortunately, I had never seen any of them ever wear knee high boots.. until tonight. I don't usually go in on weekends, but tonight was an exception. The Giants were playing on TV, but due to other events I couldn't watch them at the bar. 
Tonight I was in for a real treat.  The servers are generally very friendly, but I didn't know of them because the weekend servers are different.
Tonight, one of the servers was wearing knee high zip up White boots with 3.5" stiletto heels. Her boots looked well worn and she moved very gracefully in them so she's obviously worn them a lot. I told her I liked her boots, but she didn't understand me. Most of the servers don't speak much English, but I think she understood I know two words in y botas. That was enough to get my point across and then I gave her $10 for being pretty. She understood that better.
Her boots looked a like these: 
(To view larger picture, right click and select Open link in new window)

Last week was a slow boot week. Only a few boot sightings.. no Booted-Bus, Boot-Lunch or Boots on the Train. It's almost summertime and boot-spotting will be rare until about September.. I'm not in San Francisco anymore! So, I'll have to vary the content from strictly Boot News. Last week was a Tribute to San Francisco. I am thinking a boot theme of the week is a good idea for the summer. Boot Licking week is coming up and Boot Nation Radio will be introduced shortly. As always, I am looking for guest bloggers, males or females. I'd love to have your input.

Until next time, this is Booted News.