Tuesday, June 5, 2012


AGRO GIRL MONTH - Combat Boot Week (OOTD Videos)
Today on Boot Nation, we feature two videos from girls wearing combat boots as part of their Outfit-of-the-Day videos. As OOTD's these are obviously Not punk girls, but rather they are borrowing the punk look of combat boots and combine them with very feminine looks. The contrast is adorable and they still get all the power of wearing combat boots!
First up is "stylewithasia". She defintely not a punk girl at all. In fact, she is the opposite, but she has combat boots on, so we're not going to argue with her. She posted the below video on August 20, 2011. As a bonus, we get to see some of her shoe collection hanging on her closet door...

Next we have a short video of a young woman wearing 20-eyelit combat boots as part of her OOTD. Her name is NisaNicole. She does a nice kick with her boots to show us how powerful they can be if needed! Great boots, cute girl, poor video quality. What can you do...

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