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COMBAT BOOT WEEK - Bootlicking Instructions)

AGRO GIRL MONTH - Combat Boot Week  (Bootlicking Instructions)
Combat Boots are the best boots for licking because of their durability and unique character. Unlike fashion boots, combat boots are made to get dirty, which is great, because someone has to then clean them! Fashion boots are generally more fragile leather than the more rugged leather of combat boots. Also, the waffle pattern on the bottom of combat boots present quite a challenge as well. But nothing easy is ever worth doing. 
As a professional bootlicker, I hereby offer my advice for bootlicking based on years of bootlicking experience. Bootlicking is a complicated endeavor. The basic interaction between the Goddess and her bootlicking subject is straight forward. One critical factor to consider is atmosphere. From my experience, women are most comfortable having their boots licked with an audience present. This is true because most women like to be the center of attention. Trust me if a woman is having her boots licked, everyone around is very aware of what is taking place. Several factors come into play with a crowd present. If other women are present, there's a jealousy factor..."why aren't my boots being licked??", "she thinks shes so pretty just sitting there with that Guy licking her boots", "I wish I was a pretty as her, no one ever licks My boots!" You get the idea. The jealousy card also works on other guys: "See, that could have be You down there having the time of your life:, or "if you're lucky, maybe you can be next". The possible scenarios are endless. I have seen them all. 
One critical element though is that the women Needs to be entertained while her boots are being licked. A casual conversation with one of her girlfriends about the movie they went to last night will take her mind off the unusual circumstances of having her boots licked. Also, women are great multi-taskers. She could be updating her facebook page, texting with a friend and listening to AFI all while the non-multitasking Male is doing only one thing.. and doing it very well.. Licking a a goddesses boots! CLEAN!
Technique. First, you have to ask a woman if you may lick her boots. Sounds easy right? Asked properly it's no big deal, even normal, if not outright expected. Done improperly, its awkward or much worse. Do it right. Have confidence in the nobility of your offer. She is a superior being. You as an honorable male are sincerely offering to display obsequious attention to her tiny little Feet... more specifically her Combat Boots. Women know they deserve this kind of attention. Unfortunately, a sizable percentage of the women whose boots I have licked, had never had someone lick her boots for her. Someone isn't doing their job here guys! Let's get to it, shall we? 
The request itself should be short and direct. Do not lie! You are offering a valuable service that will be appreciated if you do it right! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS Be Polite!! This is extremely important. If for some reason, the goddess is mean to you and makes you feel like dirt. say Thank You and walk away. She could be having a bad day, or just like being mean. Politeness will score points with her even if you are rejected and thank her. Eventually, when she tells her friends about her encounter, one of them will feel a bit of jealously and then all the sudden, she will be feel the pride she deserves and your politeness will be appreciated by her.
NEVER offer money. Offering money degrades you and her. It's very bad karma. However, you may accept tips. Tipping is acceptable. Better yet, suggesting that she make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation  is even better. 
One thing to remember is that you are not asking to make-out with her boots. You initial request is basically to give her boot a quick lick. However, she will tell you with her body language what she is expecting or willing to accept. Again, her body language is a guide. If she holds her boot out awkwardly in the air, your best shot is a quick lick. Unless you can nicely ask her to place it on the ground. Once her boot is within licking range approach is important. Go directly at the part of her foot you want to lick and give it a quick lick. If she is uncomfortable she will pull her boot away and your bootlicking is over. Pay close attention to how she stands. If she puts out her boot boldly, do not lower yourself to her boot too quickly. Slowly, bow down. All the Worlds a Stage and You are Merely a Bootlicker. Take your time. You are an actor playing a role. Make it a big deal. Bow your head all the way to the ground before her boot as if to ask her yet again. May I lick your boot. After a moment slowly lift your head and Never look any higher than the top of her boots Her boots are your world. Pick the part of her boot you want to lick, approach her boot and gently sniff the leather.Take in the aroma of her boots. Let the smell of her feet envelop your being as you accept her as the Goddess she is to you. Rub your nose on the top of her foot, slowly caress the top of her foot with your nose and ever so gently let your lips brush against her foot. Her power is overwhelming to you. Let it show, don't hold back on your emotions. After a period of time, work your way toward  your first kiss and really think about what it means to you to have this perfect being allowing you to fulfill your lifelong goal of kissing her boots. Start off with a few gentle kisses at first. Then after a while, stick your tongue out just a bit. Again, hesitate. Don't do this too quickly. When you do greet her boot with your tongue do so deliberately. She knows your down there and her body language is tellilng you its okay. Clean the tops of her boots. Pay very close attention to the eyelits. Eyelits take a long time to clean properly. Do so one at a time. Be creative Remember, this is entertainment. You are at her boots to please her. Make it a show. Rub your entire head against her foot gently and even push your head against her foot. 
If you then rest your head on the ground, she may use your head as a footrest. This allows you to gently push your head up against the bottom of her boot and she will probably push your head back with her boot. This little boot-head tug of war allows her to experience her complete power over you. She will of coarse win. They always do. After finishing with her boot, Always be prepared for her to put out her other boot. Many women fee like if only one boot is licked, then their boots are unbalanced. If she does not switch boots, you can gently ask if you may kiss the other boot. The time duration to lick her other boot is one-third to roughly half the time spent on the first boot. Licking the second boot is for completeness basically.
Bootlicking can take a while. A half an hour under the right circumstance is not unusual. However, the tiniest of licks is the first goal. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I am more than happy to offer my advice. Happy Bootlicking Nation!

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