Thursday, May 10, 2012


THE EXOTIC EROTIC BALL is a legendary event started 33 years ago by Perry Mann. I started attending the Ball in 1994 and I've attended every year since. The great thing about the Exotic Erotic Ball is there are soo many knee high boots!! Events like Bondage-A-Go-Go, the Folsom Street Fair and Burning Man all have a great mix of different types of women who attend. Some women are hard-core into the alternative lifestyle scene, but a lot of women are just regular working adults or students who want a taste of the wildlife. The Exotic Erotic Ball is the best outlet for these types of women. At the Exotic Erotic Ball, asking a woman to kiss her boots is a thrill for them. It sort of lives out a fantasy of theirs of being the Queen and having her subjects bow down to her. Disney has done  wonderful job of educating girls that they are princesses and given them an expectation of   power. Women get older but they keep these expectations and truely appreciate a man groveling before her and accepting her feminine power.
Whether its a princes outfit, naughy nurse, or a devil, everyday women get to play dressup and play out their fantasies of power. Whatever the custom, knee high boots can always be incorporated into their outfit. The sexy copy always has her knee high zip up black shinny boots, a lemon drop wears knee high yellow boots over her green tights, and well the dominatrix Always has knee high boots on right?
Go to the Exotic Erotic Ball. Admire all of the knee high booted goddesses and Worship them!
This is BootBoy.

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