Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burning Man and Decompression Party

BURNING MAN has been taking place for over 25 years! I went to my first "burn" in 1999 and attended nine straight years. Burning Man is a full week-long of partying. It slows down early in the morning, but it never stops.The most important thing to know about Burning Man is that its a costume party. Dress matters and preparing for Burning Man can be a year-round process. You are totally self-sufficient. You can buy ice and coffee at the cafe... that's it! 
When you arrive at Burning Man you are instantly transported into another realm. Because it is far from civilization it easily alters peoples consciousness. Peacefulness, openness and love are encouraged. For these reasons, Burning Man was a perfect place for me to to kiss girls boots...lick them clean actually. Hundreds of them. It was hard work, but that was MY job, I took it very seriously and I was very Good at it!
A month after Burning Man, the Decompression Party takes place. With the Burn already done, Folsom Street Fair over, Gay Pride finished (another great event to lick hot girls boots), Decompression continues the fall San Francisco party scene. Decompression happens on the second Sunday in October. It lasts 12 full hours and the party continues at Club Cocomo late into the night. 
If you can't make the long trek out to Black Rock for Burning Man, decompression is not a bad consolation. It carries most of the same themes, except its a street fair in San Francisco instead of in the desert. The weather is almost always good. But again, dress matters. Bring your favorite costume cuz you'll need it. 
To all my fellow burners, I want to thank you for everything. You are awesome people and have taught me a lot about love and compassion. I urge all of Boot Nation to attend Burning Man as many times as you can and don't miss Decompession!
For Boot Nation. this is BootBoy

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