Friday, May 11, 2012

San Francisco named BEST KNEE-HIGH BOOT CITY

San Francisco named Best Knee High Boot City in the World!

It's official, Boot Nation has awarded SF this prestigious and well-earned title. San Francisco beat out some stiff competition, including Toyko, Shanghai, London and Milan. Several elements lead San Francisco to its Knee High Boot title. The most important factor is weather. San Francisco has a mean temperature of 58 degree year round, day and night.. perfect for wearing knee high boots. On a yearly average, a woman can wear knee high boots in San Francisco 300 days per year. Therefore, if a woman has 10 pairs of knee high boots, she can rotate her boots and only wear them once every two weeks. That means she can wear one pair 25 times per year. In truth, only true boot lovers have 10 pairs of knee high boots and only the very most deovoted boot-wear puts on her boots 300 times a year, but it does happen. Most women will have between three and five pairs and wear them around 100 times a year. Boot Nation estimates that there are between 3000 to 5000 knee high booted women every day in San Francisco! That's a lot of knee-high booting! 
 Another reason San Francisco achieved its boot-status is that there are so many different types of women who wear knee high boots in The City. The business crowd boots up daily, tourists wear their knee high boots to "fit-in", the museum folks have to wear their expensive Charles David knee high boots or they are denied admission by other knee high booted ones; the clubbers ALL wear knee high boots; then there are all punks with their 20 eyelit steel-toe Doc Martins. 
San Franciso is a stylish international city and nothing says sophistication like knee high boots. San Francisco has great shopping with malls like the San Francisco Shopping Center, Crocker Galleria, Stonestown, The Embarcadeo ,Union Square and The Haight. Each one of these shopping centers sell thousands of pairs of knee high boots every year to residents and tourists. 
The wide variety of activites in San Francisco contributed to its boot-honor. A Giants game with its downtown stadium at AT&T; great music theaters like The Warfield, The Filmore and The Cow Place; night clubs like DNA Lounge, 1015 Folsom,  Kats Bar & Grille, The Sound Factory and Cat Club; thousand of restaurants, pubs and cafes. Don't forget all of the special events like Fleet Week, Folsom Street Fair, Decompression, Bay to Breakers and Exotic Erotic Ball. For the sports fans, the San Francisco 49er Cheerleaders wear some of the best boots in sports! The 49er Cheerleaders were recently voted in the top 10 of professional cheerleaders by Boot Nation. This great city deserves nothing less.
The last factor is that San Francisco is a walking city so you need great boots to show off your style. Cars are nearly banned on Market Street and the many public transportation options like BART, Muni, taxis, the Cable Car and even horse carriages make wearing knee high boots super fun. 
Boot Nation reached out to some of the Asian Board of Supervisors who undoubteldly wear knee high boots while exercising their civic power to let them know we admire them and all of the other knee-high booted goddesses of San Francisco. Ladies if you visit San Francisco bring your knee high boots!
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  1. I remember going into Tiffany in Union Square, San Francisco and every woman behind the counters had on knee high boots (I checked)!
    Even in NYC, the women at Tiffany never wear boots. I would love to go to the courts and banks and see the conservative business women wear their boots.

  2. Indeed conversative women love to wear knee high boots.I know women who have worn knee high boots to job interviews and on their first day at a new job because they "wanted to look professional" and dressed up.