Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tall Blond Saves Bootless Day

I drove to work today so no booted-bus. I went for a walk at lunch, but didn't see any boots. After work, no boots. I had a wonderful time at my Black-Tie dinner, but as you might expect no boots. Things were not looking good, but just when I was about to lose hope, I got off the train and omg... Knee-high pull on kid-skin leather boots with a 2.5" heel on a Tall blond. I managed to walk behind her for quite a while as we switched trains. Her boots looked so cute on her!! I was happy.
There was another, older woman wearing knee high-high taupe colored boots over her jeans. Her boots looked very cute!
ABG really came through for us today though. She wore some knee high half-zip boots with a 3" heel. She's had these boots for a few years and friend, they are well-used. If you like Lived-in boots as much I do, you would love these. They scream power!! The nation grovels to you ABG and dreams of  booted-odor.
Nation Out.

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