Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Face Plant

The MisAdventures of BootBoy continue!
I was just leaving for lunch and from across the street I could see another gorgeous blond-haired goddess was wearing knee-high zip up 3" heel black boots!! Her hair amazingly contrasted her boots! She was leading three loyal followers and we both turned to walk up the hill. I said to her, I like your boots.She said, Thank you, but just then I tripped and landed face first onto the concrete! It was a classic case of being intimidated by the booted-goddess. Since I was laying on the ground, helpless and bleeding, the blond-booted one decided to have some fun at my expense. She stepped on my back firmly, pressing all 120 lbs onto my me. I groaned deeply and she said, "Silly Man...Boots are for, Girls! Her entourage giggled wildly and she pressed down even harder before lifting her tiny foot off my back and climbed further up the hill, like a mother duckling with her chicks in tow.

I escaped the rest of the day without injury. It rained today and I saw three nice pairs of wellies.
On my way to work as i was walking up the hill, there was a young Nepalese woman wearing the below wellies with multicolored peace signs. 

I told her I like her boots and that they looked very peaceful. She laughed.  :)

After work, as I was walking to the bus, I saw a very pretty woman wearing a summer dress and army green knee high wellies. Hot, lemme tell ya. She was not friend at all. She had a mean powerful look on her face and i felt very submissive towards her. The thought of what the pungent aroma of her boots stayed with me all the way home. But moments later, an African American woman was wearing black knee high wellies over her jeans. When it rains, there's boots no matter what the temperature. 

Tomorrow is an exciting day. Your very own BootBoy has been invited to an exclusive Black Tie event. I'm giving a chance for boots at an optimistic 20%. I will let you know. Until then nation, happy boot dreams.

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