Monday, April 30, 2012

Booted-Bus Drama!

Today the drama was intense! Jewish-Beauty knee-high booted one wore her adorable brown calf  boots and she needed them! She wore her boots under some nice tan slacks and a grey sweater over a floral blouse. Very nice!
The drama started shortly after she boarded. On the very next stop, a Gyeneth Paltrow looking blond got on the bus wearing a skirt and knee-high zip up dark brown boots with a 3.5" heel!! My heart literally stopped beating and I fell onto the floor of the bus Dead! It was over, I was on my way to Boot-Heaven. I saw the Pearly White Boot-Gates and there was Peter, holding a golden knee-high boot. I had made it and I was happy. It would be sad to leave all of my friends and family but really you are my family and friends too and friends, I can assure you.. all is good in the After-Boot-Live.
But back here on Booted-Earth there was drama unfolding on Boot-Bus. Right after I collapsed, JB, immediately jumped up out of her seat and exclaimed... Stand BACK! I'll save him! I have Boots ON!! She put her hands on her hips and looked up toward heaven for effect as if to tell Peter. BootBoy is mine, you can't him yet just  yet old man. The whole bus fell silent. The driver brought the bus to a screeching halt and then JB put her tiny little size 5.5 on my chest and proceeded to do chest compressions. Immediately upon her little foot touching my chest, I was blessed and began a nose-dive back toward Booted-Earth. JB gently pressed upon my chest four or five times, applying the slightest bit more pressure each time. And then, I was back! I looked up and could see her Jewish Beauty face and she smiled. Some other bus passengers helped back to my seat. I profusely thanked her, but she just shook her head and said. I was only doing a my job. 
Gweneth then, nodded slightly to JB, smiled and mouthed,  "Well done Princess Booted One. Well done.

I managed to recovery from my near boot death experience and made it to work. At lunch time, I noticed a small brunette woman as she passed on the sidewalk. She was wearing knee-high zip up Classic brown boots right out of the 70's. They were obviously newer, but the style was super-hot. She was wearing glasses and looked oh so cute and smart. 
I needed a boot-fix in the middle of the afternoon and took a chance that Starbucks might yield some boots and sure enough, there were Two Egyptian goddesses sitting at separate tables looking oh so regal. A younger woman was wearing knee-high flat tan colored boots while reading and listening to some music. Just as I was walking past her, an employee knelt down next to her to "stock some coffee on a shelf". It was obvious, he was brought to his knees by her boots, but I managed to lean in and tell her I liked her boots. She gave a very appreciative thank you.
An older Egyptian goddess was talking to an admirer, giving her sage advise to her eager listener. She was wearing knee-high zip up suede boots with a wedge heel.
After work, I saw something truly special... Booted-Mom! She was wearing knee high zip up light brown boots with a 1" heel pushing her baby in stroller. Never mess with a mother, but if she has knee high boots on too, she is lethal!
The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80's, not boot weather, but there is always that one goddess who wears her knee high boots no matter the weather. We can only hope and pray to the booted-goddess. Lastly, I want to give a shout out to our German and Russian readers. Boot Nation welcomes our European readers!
Good Boot-Day, nation.

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