Sunday, May 27, 2012

The perfect day. I love Miami. I am in Miami this weekend to watch my Giants play the Miami Marlins. They lost yesterday's game, but today they won! The Marlins have a brand new stadium in Little Havana. It has a retractable dome and unfortunately, they plan to keep it closed on most days so the fans are comfortable. After the game though they do open it and today was glorious weather so it was great. 
The best part of the ballpark though is they have a nightclub called, The Clevelander. A nightclub at a baseball stadium. As you know, I am a big baseball fan and a Huge Giants fan. So, what could improve the baseball experience... Knee-high boots of coarse!  One of the things I've always loved about the Marlins is they have cheerleaders. They used to be called the Marlin Mermaids and they were a huge Hit! The Mermaids always wore knee high boot as part of their uniforms. However this year with the new ballpark, they decided to change to a co-ed dance team called, They Energy Dance Team. The Energy Dance team is exactly that too.. energetic and Very athletic. They combine gymnastics with dance routines and create a fun exciting atmosphere in between innings. Yesterday, was particularly exciting because they were taking The Energy Team photo for 2012. Knee-high boots are not a part of their normal uniforms, but they are a part of their wardrobe and since it was a special event the goddesses of the team wore their classic Mermaid knee-high black boots with the Marlin logo at the top of the boots! I was so excited! 
After the game today, I went into The Clevelander to check it out hoping I would see knee-high boots. I was not disappointed! I guess I was a bit off my game and please don't think less of me, but I walked right by four go-go dancers all wearing knee high boots! It wasn't until I turned around did my whole world change from baseball fan to BootBoy. Luckily its an instant and seamless transition. Since, the Marlins lost the game, the crowd at The Clevelander was light. The dance floor is low to the ground so I was able to walk right up to one of the goddesses and tell her I liked her boots. I took several pictures of the goddesses dancing in their boots. Then I noticed one of the dancers just sitting there waiting for an adoring fan to talk to her. I walked right up to her and told her that I liked her boots. I then asked her if I could kiss her boot and after a minute or so she said  yes. I immediately knelt down before her and put her tiny foot in my palm and gave the top of her foot a light kiss. Success! Happiness. A life-fulfilling experience. Pure Heaven. I said thank you and left the nightclub and got into a taxi. Only in Miami!
Giants win. Boots kissed. Happy BootBoy!

EXCLUSIVE Boot Nation photos at The Clevelander night club at the new Marlins Park in Little Havana, Miami
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