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Lick My Boot, Worm

On January 13, 2010 NBC aired one of the most amazing scenes of female dominatiion in History on Law and Order. This happened in season 11, episode 12 called, Shadow. The actress Mariska Hargitay plays the character Olivia Benson. The script was co-written by another woman named Amanda Green. 
The highlights of the scene are her sexy knee high zip up high black boots! Olivia wants to use blackmail against him by putting him into a compromsing position and having it photographed. Her power is completely irresistable! She stomps her boot down and Orders him to Lick it and calls him a Worm. His immediate compliance reinforces her power as he loses all self-control and starts to lavish her boot with his tongue in desperate fashion. After he is photographed she powerfully withdraws her boot and orders him to get up. He is not worthy of licking her boot, but she has used her powerful boots to force him to compromise himself for the rest of his life. 
I do have my compliants about the scene though. I wish it had been done on another show and by a different actress. But overall, this scene furthers our cause. How many young women saw this scene and had a lightbulb moment. To make this even better, NBC used this scence to promote NBC televsion shows during the Super Bowl, so an even greater audience got to see a woman order a man to lick her boot.  This is a fetish blog about knee high boot and fetish is slowly becoming more mainstream because its sexy, sex sells and both sexes like female domination. 

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