Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Party Boots

I went to the bar again today to watch the Giants win yet again over the Padres 4-1. If the Giants keep winning this blog may become more about them than Knee-High Boots...Oh, who am I kidding?
There was a birthday party at the bar and it's a good thing because outside of the bartenders, there were no women there. I was just about to give up in failure and then I saw a nice women wearing knee-high riding boots   walking through the bar. She was thoroughly engrossed in her conversation, so I had no chance to compliment her on her riding boots. They looked good on her though and that's what is important.
I didn't really see any other boots the rest of the day. One pretty pair of riding boots is good though.

Tomorrow is the start of a new boot-week. Happy Boot-Spotting, nation.

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