Saturday, April 28, 2012

Target has Knee-High Boots

Saturday, April 28
If you're looking for boots on a Saturday afternoon, go to Target! I saw at least 5 pairs of knee-high flat boots during my shopping. The highlight of the day was a young woman wearing tan OTK flat riding bots. I had to stop, back up and then tell her... I like your boots. To which, I recieved a warm, Thank you with a big smile. I complimented a Persian woman on her black Pirate boots and she too was appreciative. Best boots of the day!
Prior to the bullseye at Target, I saw a mature woman wearing flat suede brownboots and I too told her I like her boots. She was happy for the compliment.
This evening it was raining and I went to a bar to watch my Giants beat he Padres 2-1. As I was parking I saw another mature woman wearing flat brown riding boots. Good rain boots. And then after the win, when it was raining even harder, I saw two women crossing the street without an umbrella with their jackets over their heads as their only protection from the rain. I wanted to give them my umbrella, but they were too far away. They were wearing matching brownish-orange flat heel boots. They had their boots to protect their little feet from the rain.

Boot Season will be over soon but in the meantime, the nation hibernates for the night.

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