Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22

I left New York today. I saw two pretty good pairs of boots as I was waiting for the shuttle to the Metro Station, both calf high with decent heels. The first woman had on spike heel, pointed toe, light brown boots. They made a nice noise as she was walking. The second pair were black with ruffles and a very cute 2.5 inch chunk heel. It was cold and she was walking with a very stylish sleeveless flowing blouse. I was impressed that she was not deterred by the cold.
I took the Metro to Penn Station. It was a long ride from Queens, but revealed surprisingly few boots. The trip was highlighted by a pretty Asian young woman wearing a pair of knee high rain boots with a very stylish buckle by the top of boot. At Penn Station, I was able to glimpse two other pairs of knee high boots. As I waited for my sandwich to be prepared at a local delicatessen, a rather short woman stood next to me wearing over the knee flat heel suede boots. I chatted with her briefly about her boots. She reassured me that they were water-proofed. I complimented another Latin woman on her calf high boots with a 3 inch heel. She smiled very warmly.
As I arrived home though, I was treated by a short young Asian woman wearing knee high zip up 1.5 inch heel stylish black boots. I went way out of my to compliment her on her boots. Her English was not very good, but she responded with a very cute, Thank you.
For all of the rain, we've had today, I am shocked at the lack of boots. San Francisco would have had more boots that I could have counted. I am not discouraged though. The temperature has flucuated quite bit on the East Coast over the last week. I think the rain may have caught our goddesses unprepared. My bus featured quite a few flip-flopped goddesses. Not a bad trade off, although I felt bad. They're little feet must have been very cold. I am hopeful for a few pair of boots tomorrow.
The Goddess provides boots if she is pleased.
The BootGirl of the Day: The pretty Asian woman on the Metro with the knee-high rain boots.
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