Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boot Nation Innaugural Entry - Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome to the Inaugural Boot Nation entry!

I am writing this blog to further the extraordinary contributions of If you have never visited this blog, you should do so daily. To me it meets several core elements and values I have for a Boot related website:

  •   Knee High boots on women who wear them                                           because They sincerely like boots! 
  •   RESPECTFUL appreciation of women in boots.
  •   Lots and LOTS and LOTS of Knee-High Boots! 
I have big dreams for this blog. Our fetish is a need. It's like food, water and shelter. It exists inside of us for whatever reason we will never understand. Our friends, family and others may attempt to also understand, tolerate or even encourage us, but only we truly understand each other. Through the above blog I have encountered like-minded boot fetishists who truly respect the women who put them on. We are a tremendous community of intelligent, talented and hard-working people. With your help, we can make this something special and hopefully make a humble contribution to our community. This is for all of Us. It is OUR Boot Blog. So please contribute. While we may have lots of different kinds of fetishes, this blog is about Women wearing Knee-High Boots!

My name is BootBoy. I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and from the mid-90's to the mid-2000's I was very active in the fetish scene, going to clubs, concerts, parties and events like Burning Man and Mardi Gras. We may have even met at some point in my career. However, since my career in public life came to an end, I have been searching the "Next Thing." A way to experience my fetish and this is it. As a fetishist, I have always had the need to interact with other people regarding my fetish. So in this way, I will interact with other fetishists as a blogger. I will share some of my personal experiences and philosophy from time to time and I am eager to have other boot fetishist share the same. Women take their boots out of the closet every day and put them on, it is time for us not to "come out of the closet", but to not be ashamed of the effects that boots have us and reward the wearers of knee high boots with the esteem they deserve.

While we may have lots of different kinds of fetishes, this blog is about Knee-High Boots! I would also like to invite non-fetishists to contribute to our site. I think everyone on the planet likes a women in great boots. It goes without saying, that women who wear boots are more than welcome to make contributions as well. Boot Fetishist worship you so we’d be very honored by your contributions. 

A little about me. I have had a boot fetish since I was a small child. I have a bachelor degree in liberal arts. I am a semi-professional.. I became BootBoy in 1994 when I started going to Bondage-a-Go-Go in San Francisco. This club changed my life and I will forever be grateful to its owner, George, for helping make me who I am today. During my career, I have kissed over 20,000 shoes, boots and feet. So, I have lots of experience talking to women about their boots.

Personally, I will keep my real identity private and expect that you would as well. We understand and respect each other as boot fetishists. Our friends and family may as well. Others may call us perverts, weakening whatever status we may have achieved in lives. Therefore, we will guard our real identities.  However, we are not perverts. Those that would use that term to describe us are only attempting to dehumanize us. I think most people have some type of fetish to a varying degree. Ours is particularly strong.

Surprisingly, though I have to admit that my first love is not knee-high boots.. its Baseball. Go Figure!

The last thing I’d like to say before I kick make my first entry is that women love to wear knee-high boots and they like to wear them for the exact same reasons we love them. Knee-high zip up boots have been around for less than 50 years and every year they become more and more popular and are manifested in different ways. Women drive the demand for boots because they think they are fashionable, warm and give them a sense of confidence. Boots make women feel powerful. Doesn’t that make you feel warm all over?

April 21, 2012
I am visiting New York to watch the San Francisco Giants play the New York Mets.  The game had an unfortunate ending for Giants fans as Buster Posey made a throwing error that allowed the winning run to score. Heartbreaking!

All was not lost, however. Because even though baseball broke my heart yet again, I got to see three pairs of knee high boots at the game, after all, this is New York. The weather was sunny…upper 60’s. Twenty years ago, you would never have seen a pair of knee high boots on a hot girl at a major league baseball game. But a lot more women like baseball now and with the advent of downtown stadiums with lots of bars and restaurants around, baseball games can be a great place to see boots.

Pair One: I was seated in the right field bleachers before the game.  I woman walked up the aisle wearing knee-high black suede boots with a tall wedge heel.

Pair Two: Just prior to game-time, a Mets employee strolled past the walkway below my seat. She was wearing greyish-brown suede boots with a 2-3 inch chunk heel. The best boots of the day.

Pair Three:  After the game, while walking to the bus I noticed a woman had knee high boots on. She was walking slowly with a small group of people. As it turned out, I ended up passing her by a narrow pathway, so I was able to compliment her on her boots. She was very appreciative and even yelled at her friends. “See, somebody likes my boots.” She continued and told me they had made fun of her for wearing her boots. Boot Nation loves your boots. Thank you for wearing them today.

Boot Nation Out

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