Monday, April 23, 2012

The goddess was pleased today and provided boots for her admirers.

I saw three very nice pairs:
Pair One: a very pretty Persian young woman walking with her boyfriend at lunch. She was waring knee high flat heel riding boots with the cutest buckle at the very bottom of her ankle. Her boots had a nice band of suede at the top and the rest of the boot was patent leather. Her boots look expensive and made her look quite powerful.
Pair Two: As I was leaving the work were on a pretty brunette talking on her cell phone. She was wearing knee high zip up 1-inch black leather boots. Her boots made her look extremely elegant.
Pair Three: After I left the bar...watching my beloved Giants, I walked past a pretty Asian women wearing knee high motorcycle boots. I told her I liked her boots and she gave me a hearty, Thank you. I got the feeling that she really liked her boots and was glad someone else liked them as well.

If you see any boots, please share with the rest of us. Boot Nation lives!

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