Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27th
The bus drama continues...
There is a pretty woman in her late-20's of Jewish beauty who rides my bus every morning. I've noticed her because she's pretty, so I know she has not worn boots in a while, Until today. Perhaps, she was inspired by the pretty woman yesterday and she wanted to get in on the Booted Action as well. However it happened, there she was this morning wearing Adorable calf-high chocolate brown boots with a 2.5" heel and rounded toe. She wore her boots with a skirt and tights. She's kindof small, even with her boots on, her little feet barely touched the floor. She's a quiet bus-rider. She doesn't read or play with phone, or even listen to music. That's my favorite type of bus companion. We had never spoken, but I had to compliment her on her boots, of coarse. She replied with a much deeper voice than I had anticipated because of her small stature. Sortof a Miley Cyrus tone.
I did not see any booted ones at lunch, so my expectations after work were low, but then just as I was crossing the street, I looked up and there she was right in front of me! Knee high zip up 3" heel boots brazenly worn over jeans. Her boots had a stylish buckle near the top of the shaft She was listening to headphones and lost. As I waited for my return bus home, I saw her walking around the area. Made me happy.
Just prior to my bus arrival, I noticed from a half a block away a young woman wearing thigh-high boots with shorts! Whoa, even from that distance it was breathtaking.
The busride provided two short glimpses of young women wearing knee-high flat heel boots. Apparently, they had just finished some kind of Boot Battle and were going their separate ways. I don't who won though.
Lastly tonight, my friend on the left coast has a new nickname... Angelic Booted Goddess or ABG for short. She is sweet and knee-high booted.. brown boots. Brown Boots!
Goodnight nation. Good nite.

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