Friday, May 4, 2012

Ku Koo for Boot Nation

Ku Koo for Boot Nation
In July 2008, I fell in love with Esther Ku when she appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing 6. Esther was a semi-finalist that season. I remember seeing how cute she was on TV and then just before her performance, they showed Esther zipping up her knee-high black boots over pink tights! Wow! Super cute, Asian, Knee-High Booted and funny as all hell! Esther has no fear and no limits. As a Korean-American, Asians are the prime targets of her repertoire. Ester's comedy can also be extremely sexual. This girl does not hold back and her routines are always outrageous.
Esther is national talent. Personally, I'd love to see her as a recurring character on a CBS' 2 Broke Girls as Han Lee's girlfriend. Esther would fit in perfectly on this show doing what she does best, looking and acting sexy while saying funny-ass shit! Kat Denning's character, Max already wears brown knee high boots on every episoode, so they could be Booted-Sisters. Esther is extremely witty. Don't be fooled by her dumb act, she is sharp as a tack and will tear you a new ass-hole with it.
The video below is from the July 3, 2008 Last Comic Standing selection show. Esther is wearing her sexy boots, looks cute as all fuck and puts on  great performance!
Welcome to Boot Nation, KU!

                 Ku Wears Knee High Boots  (link)
                                            에스더 클러스무릎 높이 부츠를 입고

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