Thursday, December 27, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!! BootBoy's Girlfriend gets TWO more pairs of knee-high boots!

BREAKING NEWS!! BootBoy's Girlfriend gets TWO more pairs of knee-high boots!

In a post-Christmas boot shopping trip, BootBoy picked out two pair of knee-high black boots for his girlfriend! BootBoy's girlfriend has been wanting a different pair of boots for weeks, so they went out shopping after dinner to Payless Shoe Source to shop for new boots. GF wanted a pair of short boots, but BootBoy was able to successfully talk her into getting knee-high boots! Here's what happened...
A friend got some new boots at Payless and GF really liked her boots, especially the price. So GF suggested they to to Payless to go boot shopping. BootBoy jumped at the chance to take his adorable 4'10" Filipina girlfriend boot shopping. 
BootBoy immediately picked out a pair of black rain boots. GF tried them on, but she thought she needed a bigger size so she could wear thick socks, even though the size 6's fit her perfectly. As he was looking for a larger size, he spotted a pair of black knee-high rear zipper boots with a thick gauge. He suggested she try them on and she agreed but struggled with the zipper at first because of the odd angle of a rear zipper. But once she got them she got very excited. They come right up to her knees and make her feet look tiny! She walked around the whole store to make sure they fit her well. She was so excited about her boots, she wore them out of the store and went to visit some friends to show off her new boots! Then she called her sister and two other friends to brag about her boots. BootBoy Loves her boots and was very happy his girlfriend likes her new boots so much. 
GF is sure to wear her new boots a lot this winter. She ended up getting the size 6 rain boots as well, so now  she has a total of three pair of knee-high boots for different weather conditions, outfits and events. GF is a converted Boot Lover! 
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