Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Boots of the Season!

First Boots of the Season!
Hey folks, it has been four very long months for me, but yesterday my personal knee high boot drought finally came to an end. Last night as I was trying to find parking I noticed a woman on a date walking with her boyfriend and she had on knee high black zip 2" heel boots! I was at a stoplight, so I was able to get a fairly good look at her boots. They made the noise, you know the one I'm talking about.. that unmistakable ominous sound of power, like Ahab's Clip-Clop over and over again. 
After several minutes I found parking and was walking towards the mall and as the Goddess herself smiled upon me, I saw her again. In fact, I walked right past her and got to watch her cross the street in her boots, the shinny black leather reflecting the street lamps almost blindingly. 
It is now mid-September, my first autumn on the east coast. In San Francisco, yesterday's boot sighting is as normal as the fog, but here, it is an event. The really important thing though is that means soon, hopefully very soon the goddesses will dust off their old boot collections and start wearing them to work, school, special events and even going to Target. Then, after viewing Boot Nations,  Knee High Boot Fashion Month postings, they will add more knee high boots to their collections. Fall is here and so are the knee high boots!!
For Boot Nation, this IS BootBoy.
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