Thursday, August 9, 2012

Female Athletes & Boots Month Nancy Kerrigan

Female Athletes and Boots Month - Ice Skating Week: Nancy Kerrigan
In the 1994 Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan was beaten and then robbed. Recently, her family has endured great drama. We sympathize with Nancy Kerrigan and all of her struggles. Yet through it all, she has maintained her regal composure. Nancy Kerrigan is a classic brunette beauty. With her thick black hair she is a natural to wear knee high black boots. 
Nancy wears knee high boots when attends important events in order accentuate her power. She is 5'4" and with her boots on, she is close to 5'8. Nancy recently participated in Caesar's Tribute II. Nancy was joined by other skating stars like Peggy Flemming, Tara Lipinkis and Michelle Kwan. Nancy wore jeans over her boots at the press conference, but Michelle and Tara stole the show by flashing their knee high boots with skirts. 
Nancy is remembered for winning two medals in the Winter Olympic Games. In 1992, she won a bronze medal and in 1994 she won the silver after a controversial judging decision. Nancy will always be a a gold medal winner in our hearts though. 

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