Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrity Boot Month (Korean) Grace Park

Celebrity Boot Month - Asian Week: Grace Park
Grace Park is a science fiction legend after starring in Battlestar Galatica as Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii. But since 2010 Grace has starred in a remake of another epic TV show, Hawaii Five-0. Grace's exposure to the science fiction audience and mainstream television drama viewers has given her the highest popularity of her career. 
Grace Park is of Korean decent, although she was raised and educated in Canada. She graduated from the University of British Columbia. Grace is 5'9 and started her career as a model. Personally, I watch Hawaii 5-0 just to see Grace. Her facial expression, hair and tone arms are amazing. 
We have a few special photos of Grace wearing thigh high boots, one from her Maxim Magazine photo shoot. We also have a series of photos of Grace wearing short motorcycle boots while on the set of Five-0. But mostly we try to show how incredibly pretty she is with picture of her sweet face.

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