Thursday, June 14, 2012

BOOTS AND GUNS WEEK - Revenge of the Blonds

Boots and Guns Week - Revenge of the Blonds
A deranged Blond broke into Boot Nation Studios and took over last night.  She called herself, The Terminator and she kept asking for someone by the name of Sarah Connor. She was so adorable. She looked like she was from another planet. After a while she transformed herself into some other adorable blond and then at one point she got really pissed off and transformed herself into Betty White!
It was totally bizarre. She was carrying a bootload of weapons. Most of them were handguns, but she had a few rifles, assault rifles, a couple of Tommy Guns and even a 50-caliber rifle! Personally, I'm not an gun expert. I'm a bootlicker.
Below she posted some picture of herself in each of her various transformations. The last one is my favorite. She has on knee high boots and is wearing a naughty school-girl outfit with her boots while carrying an AR-15 assault rifle. 
In the end it all worked out and was some sort of misunderstanding. We actually got along pretty well. Later, we went out for coffee and apparently, now we're dating. 
...Have a good weekend Nation!

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