Saturday, June 2, 2012

Annalee Penny Named 2012 Miss Boot Nation

Boot Nation concludes Thigh-High Boot Fashion Blogger Week with a Major Announcment: 
Annalee Penny has been named Miss Boot Nation 2012!
Boot Nation needs a Boot Girl and the obvious and overwhelming choice was Annalee Penny. Annalee, AP is formerly a Fox Sacramento TV personality. She has since left Fox and is using the internet to broaden her popularity, similary to Connan O'Brien. AP blogs on a wide range of topics including hair & makeup, fashion, BOOTS and a million other topics!
Annalee has been named Miss Boot Nation for three reasons. One, she is absolutey Adorable! She has a very positive, fun personality. She makes anything seem interesting, just because she is interested in it. Two, Annalee is regular person just like you and me, so she is very receptive and warm to her fans! Lastly, she really LOVES Knee-High boots in all kinds of colors, fabrics and styles. She posted several photos of her boots on her FaceBook page, so she really does wear knee-high boots a lot!
Boot Nation learned about Annalee Penny from APPRECIATION OF BOOTED NEWSWOMEN and she is one of their favorites. Check them out and follow AP on facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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